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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Black Friday Craziness

    Black Friday is on it’s way, and you know what that means- huge sales, discounts, and shoppers running amok taking advantage of all the money saving deals available during that one crazy Black Friday weekend. 3 Reasons Why Black Friday is Insane Why do normally sane individuals seem to lose their minds...
    Posted to Weblog by jasoncabler on Sun, Nov 24 2013
  • How do I get my wife to budget?

    Hello all. I have a prospective client who asked this question in desparation today. As this question has come up so much and is a core value of a marriage's success, I have decided to write an eBook on the subject and am gathering some research. What would you say to this man? And since I want to...
    Posted to Forum by DavidKimball on Thu, Feb 14 2013
  • Re: Why Budgets Fail

    I wrote about this exact issue last month for a national magazine. http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine-digital.com/thehomeschoolmagazine/201209/#pg101 The basic jist: A budget fails because it is not made personal.
    Posted to Forum by DavidKimball on Wed, Oct 10 2012
  • Cutting Spending without Sacrificing

    by Cynthia Waverly Setting up a budget is more than just figuring out how to pay off all of your bills and living expenses; it's about finding out how to live the lifestyle you want on the amount of money you have to work with. While a good budget should cut out unfrugal spending, it doesn't...
    Posted to Weblog by PamH on Tue, Dec 21 2010
  • Are you spending too much and not saving enough?

    Hi my name is Ross Schneiderman and I'm a reporter for Newsweek. We're doing a story on to what extent Americans are saving more and spending less. I'm looking for people who, during the economic crisis, vowed to stop spending as much and start saving more, but have since struggled. If you're...
    Posted to Forum by Rmschneiderman on Fri, Nov 19 2010
  • Re: Stores Pushing Christmas Early

    We in Virginia had a bout with Christmas in July in Sears stores this past summer. Music was playing, some decor was up (but not a lot), and some red and grren items made their way to aisles and racks. Then it was over. No, Christmas is NOT here--only Christmas M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G! Retailers are so desperate...
    Posted to Forum by This Old Housewife on Sun, Oct 31 2010
  • Emergency fund: haves and have-nots

    I do not have an emergency fund. Whenever I save up a chunk of money, I seem to either have a household emergency (collapsing wall in basement, dog needs operation, roof is leaking) or use it to do some work on my ongoing home renovation. I am perfectly happy doing this and don't in any way feel...
    Posted to Weblog by Anne Cross on Sat, Jul 17 2010
  • How do you know if you've really changed?

    I've been out of debt many times. Which means that I've been in debt many times. I have had a tendency to get the same satisfaction paying off a bunch of debt as I did racking it up. I would be super-frugal while in debt-payoff mode, then as soon as the debt was gone, I'd make some big splurge...
    Posted to Weblog by Anne Cross on Sun, Jun 13 2010
  • Lowered expectations: home edition

    I've been in my house for eight years. I bought it as a fixer-upper and my hope was to get everything renovated in ten years. So far, so good. When I first moved in, I did a major renovation of the ground floor, which included installing a kitchen (there was none, believe it or not), and most of...
    Posted to Weblog by Anne Cross on Tue, Feb 2 2010
  • Really Big Sale

    Last week I wrote that I'm learning to do with less and that "my old clothes are perfectly fine." In the words of Emily Litella, "Never mind." This week I plundered the sale pages at Barrie Pace . They have a discount code (92WFIN70) listed on their home page that takes an extra...
    Posted to Weblog by mary2 on Sun, Jan 17 2010
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