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  • Re: 2012 Crafting..share your ideas, projects, pictures..

    I have a baby blanket (my first) in the works, of spring green and lavender baby alpaca yarn. A sky blue stocking hat I'm knitting in the round (also my first) and have my straight needles ready to whip up some washclothes for me. I also am hoping to begin learning how to sew. My SO knows how and...
    Posted to Forum by Toughmama2 on Sat, Mar 10 2012
  • Re: Homespun

    [quote user="Becky"] I think the key is that everyone needs to do what THEY can on whatever level they are able. If you can make clothes, do so. If you can patch your clothes to make them last longer do so. If you are able to grow a gardend and preserve your produce do so. BUT if those things...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Mon, Jan 2 2012
  • The Bind Off -- How to Finish your Knitting

    Finishing your knitting is one of the most important details, and can really help make the look of your project. This video shows one of the most important finishing details, how to bind off your stitches. The Bind Off -- How to Finish your Knitting
    Posted to Forum by monaliza on Thu, Nov 4 2010
  • How Not To Be Bored Waiting

    Here are some suggestions for small projects to carry with you for times when you have to wait for something. You can accomplish quite alot just by filling in empty minutes working on a small needlework or hobby project. 1. Yo-Yo's: If you are unfamiliar with the term, yo-yo's are small fabric...
    Posted to Weblog by Edey on Mon, May 3 2010
  • Re: Have you ever knit with beads?

    Knitting or crocheting, or any kind of handwork, done out in public, might go a long way to re-introducing handcrafts to the general public. There are approx. 2 generations now that didn't live with a parent or grandparent that regularly did some kind of needlework. Being as needlework and sewing...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Mon, May 3 2010
  • Re: Have you ever knit with beads?

    You might try looking thru Interweave.com website. They don't have many free patterns but have a wealth of needlework and beading books and magazines available. Interweave always puts out a quality product so that you get your money's worth in their publications. Their projects aren't silly...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Thu, Apr 29 2010
  • Do you have a yarn preference?

    Yarn Weights: Do you have a preference for projects? Bulky, Worsted, DK, Sport, Fingering, Lace-weight. What size yarn do you prefer to use when making projects for knitting, crocheting or other? Yarn types: Wool, Cotton, Silk, Acrylic, or blends - do you have a preference there? or do allergies determine...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Wed, Apr 28 2010
  • Shortie sock construction - making the gusset, foot and toe

    At this point you should have finished turning the heel and have worked across the knit row. Leave the center marker in place for now. Making the gusset: Look at the side of the heel flap; if you slipped the first stitch of each row on the heel flap, you should have long stitches on the side of the flap...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Mon, Apr 5 2010
  • Re: What is your favorite Hobby or Craft

    [quote user="Anna Marie"]Grandmother could knit as she had had to make socks for her family in Norway[/quote] From what I've read, at one time all children in some European countries had to learn to knit, both boys and girls. They were taught at very young ages. Which makes sense, being...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Mon, Mar 29 2010
  • What is your favorite Hobby or Craft

    Tell us what you do with your spare time, what do you do to keep busy, to relax and calm down. Here are mine: 1. Knitting, mostly socks and small projects 2. Vintage and Antique sewing machines, mostly Singer, but anything can get my attention 3. Handsewing, and to a lesser extent, machine sewing. I...
    Posted to Forum by Edey on Sun, Mar 28 2010
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