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  • Spring appears to be here where we live. How about you?

    I can't get over the fact that the cold, white, icy snow drifts are gone. I can't stop going for walks, driving to parks, planning of activities, and appreciating the gift of spring. I hope your plans will be possible. Lori Blatzheim
    Posted to Forum by Lori Blatzheim on 04-12-2014
  • Container Tomatoes

    When my daughter lived in an apartment, she had a nice balcony where she gardened in containers. Since she loves tomatoes, of course she had to plant a couple. The biggest problem was that her balcony faced due west and here it gets blazing hot in the afternoon on a west facing balcony! Tomatoes are...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 03-14-2014
  • TDS Recommends...Planning Your Garden

    If snow is on the ground but you've started thinking about your spring garden, we got a great post for you! Rural Mom has put together some wonderful tips on planning what to plant! She gives great tips on how to choose seeds, playing particular attention to the days to maturity, so you'll know...
    Posted to Weblog by TDSPaige on 03-06-2014
  • TDS Recommends...Great DIY Garden Art Gifts for Gardeners!

    We here at TDS Recommends are all about trying to help you find (or make!) the perfect gifts this upcoming holiday season! From the golfers, to the gardeners, to the kitchen connoisseurs, we are going to try to spotlight some different posts for creative and fun gift ideas for the special people in your...
    Posted to Weblog by TDSPaige on 11-12-2013
  • TDS Recommends...Taking Care of Your Garden Tools Before Winter!

    In many parts of the country, cooler temperatures mean its time to put away the gardening gear until next spring. In the spirit of taking care of your tools and extending their life, TDS Recommends is spotlighting a wonderful post from our friend Erin over at My Frugal Home , about taking care of your...
    Posted to Weblog by TDSPaige on 10-24-2013
  • End of the Garden Goodies

    Is it too early to talk about frosts and freezes? Maybe for some of us, but some of us have already had the first frost of the season! Besides fried green tomatoes and green tomato relish, what else can we do with those garden's end vegetables when frost or freeze threatens? One thing that intrigued...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 09-20-2013
  • Are there fruits or vegetables that are coming up well in your area?

    What a summer. It seems there is either too much or two little moisture. Some areas are too hot or too chilled to prepare a good harvest. I know very little about starting, maintaining, or harvesting crops. So, I am not much help. I would like to think about the positive sides 0f gardening and raising...
    Posted to Forum by Lori Blatzheim on 07-31-2013
  • The spring garden

    Hello Everyone. I have two questions 1. Are you looking forward to Spring so that you can plant a garden? 2.Do you think a garden is worth it? We had a great tomato patch a number of years ago. It was great having so many. I wound up with a terrific patchand ended up giving some away.
    Posted to Forum by Lori Blatzheim on 02-25-2013
  • Gardening fever

    Got the gardening fever yet? You know, when you start staring out the window or walking around the back yard or garden, silently willing things to start turning green? When the seed catalogs stay on the table days on end and the seed stash is sorted and resorted... Not everyone does, I know, but I get...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 01-23-2012
  • Spring Fever or I'm Ready to Garden!

    It's kind of muddy out there, but that's all right. The ground is supposed to be muddy in the early spring and I have faith that it will be dried out enough to start planting a garden soon. Planting so soon? Where did this year go to?? It's already time to get the garden planned in more detail...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 03-09-2011
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