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  • A Different Approach to Gardening

    In our daily diets we need many things. If you think in terms of growing the foods needed for vitamins, protien and calories. If you have not read the article the reader has written in about, please do. Let's see if we can help or even learn something new! In a previous issue Susan McCanless wrote...
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 06-22-2011
  • Indoor Container Garden

    Living in an apartment may mean you can not have a large garden spread out through a yard but you can still get the benefit of home grown edibles. Can you help this reader with tips on container gardening? I am a disabled single woman in a second floor apartment with no yard space who would like to grow...
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 05-03-2011
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    I know many are only still planning but some are planting. What have you done so far and what is coming up?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 03-23-2011
  • Planting by the Signs of the Moon

    Does anyone plant by the signs? My Grandmother, Dad and Aunts did and believed that if you wanted to have sucessfull crops, you must to it. I took part in a test last year and will be part of one again this year. We all had to plant the same seeds from the same place , 1/2 planted on a good day and the...
    Posted to Forum by babs on 02-15-2011
  • my self serve veggy stand makes 120 aday

    it was something i started after losing my job ,,,, i went back to basics ,,, ten years later its a big success , take time to view some of my photos ,, at www.hartsgroveproduce.com , i,ll answer your questions ,,, thanks kevin
    Posted to Forum by iinvent1 on 01-14-2011
  • Did I ruin my vegtable plants?!

    Hello, We live in a townhouse in Southern CA and this is the first year I've attempted to grow a potted garden on my spacious patio. I have tomato, squash, cukecumbers, mini watermelons, and many herbs. I used to mass garden back in Michigan, in the ground. I canned and froze the veggies. Since this...
    Posted to Forum by RobinYule on 05-30-2010
  • Re: Starting a Vegetable Plot

    Again, you've unearthed some good info. A good source for details including what does and doesn't grow well in an area as well as consumer comments on seed companies is davesgarden.com. AM
    Posted to Forum by Anna Marie on 02-16-2010
  • Re: seed planning

    Last spring, DH (bless his soul!) refinished a couple claw foot tubs we got free from a nearby Victorian remodel. We filled them about halfway with drain/fill, then the top half with a self-made planting mix that is right for strawberries. We started with just 20 Albion strawberry (everbearing) spread...
    Posted to Forum by CAJudi on 12-27-2009
  • Re: Are you planning a garden this year?

    Big garden again this year. Hopefully we'll find a great repair man for our tiller as last year it broke and we didn't get any corn :( Around here ya gotta plant just right or you miss out. I've saved the millet, hulless oats and barley I grew last year for seed so I'll hopefully get...
    Posted to Forum by joan of ark on 02-19-2009
  • Growing with container boxes

    I have read the many posts from those who are seeking an easy, producing way to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers.With the many years of gardening that I have done, growing up on a farm, I have finally found the most easy to do method of growing your own vegetables.I purchased a grow box from...
    Posted to Forum by alsim on 02-12-2009
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