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  • How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

    Pictured: NOT Mr. Money Mustache, despite the facial hair The other day, I was perusing Mr. Money Mustache's hilarious and subversive website , when I came across this post: Killing Your $1000 Grocery Bill . In this post, Mr. Mustache states that his family of three spends $80 per week at the grocery...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 04-10-2014
  • Container Tomatoes

    When my daughter lived in an apartment, she had a nice balcony where she gardened in containers. Since she loves tomatoes, of course she had to plant a couple. The biggest problem was that her balcony faced due west and here it gets blazing hot in the afternoon on a west facing balcony! Tomatoes are...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 03-14-2014
  • 5 Ways to Save Money (and Your Sanity) While Grocery Shopping with a Toddler

    Photo courtesy of Onderwijsgek Now that I have two kids, time is a precious commodity that I have far too little of. For some time after BB was born, I still tried to arrange my time so that I didn't have to go grocery shopping with both kids. However, several weeks ago, I discovered that grocery...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 03-11-2014
  • The Frugal Olympics Final Event: Making Your Own Convenience Food

    Here we are at the fourth and final event of the Frugal Olympics: Making Your Own Convenience Food To be honest, I should never have qualified for this event. For one thing, I cannot be trusted with convenience foods in the house to begin with. For another, I tend to be somewhat challenged when it comes...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 02-27-2014
  • The Frugal Olympics 3rd Event: Meal Planning

    Of all the frugal Olympics events, I feel meal planning is the only one in which I could be considered a true contender for a medal. I have been doing meal planning for about five years, and I've gotten my technique down to a wonderfully imprecise art. Basically, once a week I sit down with my meal...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 02-24-2014
  • The Frugal Olympics 2nd Event: Refrigerator Organization with a Leftover List

    Before we begin today's event, I must apologize for the week's worth of radio silence from a certain Mensch. Unlike Sochi, Lafayette, Indiana has been receiving record snowfall, freezing temperatures, and general discontented misery recently. Unfortunately, windy misery fronts cause school cancellations...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 02-19-2014
  • The Frugal Olympics 1st Event: Creating a Grocery Price Book

    While I have established my credentials in other areas of frugal athleticism such as checkbook balancing , debt reduction , and both freestyle and synchronized penny pinching , I am still a relative newcomer to the sport of grocery price book making. (Which is not to be confused with bookmaking, which...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 02-12-2014
  • Don't Throw That Out! Get More From You Vegetables

    Several years ago, I had an onion that was starting to grow. The bulb was getting mushy on the outside and fresh, greenish lances were growing vigorously from the top. The bulb wasn't much good to use as a fresh onion and the tops had a flavor that was too mild for cooking, so I planted it. It was...
    Posted to Weblog by Pat on 02-07-2014
  • Cost Breakdown of Frugal and Healthy Super Bowl Recipes: Part 3 of 3

    We've already covered how to healthify and cheapify your Super Bowl dip and dessert , so today let's focus on the main event: a big ol' pot of chili. I personally find there's nothing better than a warm and spicy bowl of chili on a cold day. And since chili that's simmered all day...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 01-31-2014
  • Cost Breakdown of Frugal and Healthy Super Bowl Recipes: Part 2 of 3

    As I promised yesterday , I'm continuing the Menschly look at healthier and inexpensive Super Bowl party foods today by offering you a healthy dessert alternative for the big game. But first, let's address the elephant in the room. Specifically and to wit: you really should not try to make dessert...
    Posted to Weblog by Emily Guy Birken on 01-30-2014
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