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  • Re: Wow my homemade "green" laundry power also works in the dishwasher!

    Have the ingredients for the Fels Naptha version, but haven't put it together yet. Have used Seventh Generation laundry detergent for a long time, but only need half measure. We do have a water softener. Think I'll put this on this week's calendar and try it for the dishwasher too. Thanks...
    Posted to Forum by Anna Marie on Sun, Feb 21 2010
  • Re: Detergent for cold water clothes washing

    It sounds like you are suffering from detergent buildup. Modern detergents contain a lot of crud that has nothing to do with the function of getting clothes clean, that can build up on clothes and in the machine, and when it doesn't rinse out, dinginess and retention of odors is the result. Most...
    Posted to Forum by crunchymamamaine on Wed, Jan 27 2010
  • Re: Reader's question about homemade laundry detergent and air freshener

    I find Ivory a bad bargain. 3 bars for $1 doesn't mean much when each bar is so soft and squishy that I can mash it with my thumb fresh out of the package, and they melt away quickly, but since they essentially whipped with air to the point of being practically more air than soap, that makes sense...
    Posted to Forum by crunchymamamaine on Wed, Jan 27 2010
  • Wow my homemade "green" laundry power also works in the dishwasher!

    Who'da thunkit? I ran out of dishwashing detergent, and never liked the idea that unlike other detergents, automatic dish detergent is the lone exception to the laws banning phosphates (which are super bad environmentally) and also put chlorine bleach in. But the "eco-friendly" phosphate...
    Posted to Forum by crunchymamamaine on Thu, Jan 21 2010
  • Re: Uses for Vinegar

    Don't think Im a dirty person ha. But I read this on the internet and it 100% works. When I would shower I would have an under-arm odor like the soap I was using (which I tried many) didn't remove all of the odor or bacteria that causes it. I now use 100 percent white vinegar under my arms when...
    Posted to Forum by charly on Mon, Dec 7 2009
  • Stretching Costs Associated with Laundry & Clothing

    Here are some tips that you may or may not know that are likely to save some of the time and expense on the laundry and clothing budget. Use less detergent than required. Often you won't need as much as the box recommends so play with the amounts. Make your own detergent for pennies. There are numerous...
    Posted to Weblog by Millers Grain House on Tue, Aug 18 2009
  • Re: Homemade Laundry Powder - Total Cost/Year ~$30.00 (hopefully less!!)

    Thanks, jillibean. I guess I need to get a finer grater or get a food processor that I can dedicate to just this. (Freecycle, here I come!) Penny
    Posted to Forum by Penny on Mon, Jul 13 2009
  • Re: Hydrogen peroxide color-fast bleach

    I just fill up the bleach cup with hydrogen peroxide - there's plenty of water in the wash to dilute it with! I also put some vinegar in the fabric softener cup, and I'm going to try borax in with the detergent (or maybe replacing the detergent). Then I line dry. The clothes smell just great...
    Posted to Forum by mulewagon on Mon, Jun 23 2008
  • Re: Making Detergent

    Not sure exactly how much I've saved since I started making my own laundry detergent four years ago, but it's a lot! I make it in one of those big Homer Buckets from Home Depot, which I think are five gallons, so I make about 4.5 gallons at a time, I think. We scoop one old Fiesta coffee cup...
    Posted to Forum by blythespirited on Tue, Jun 3 2008
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