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  • Ideas for people who have trouble bending or no space to garden

    This is a good article on simple gardening tips, particularly for people who have trouble bending, etc. (The site itself has a number of articles for people with health issues which I find useful.) http://www.yourlifetodaymagazine.com/SimpleGardeningIdeas.php There is a picture of a raised bed with legs...
    Posted to Forum by Mimi on Wed, Jul 18 2012
  • Re: New seed source

    Another great source for fresh seeds is http://dollarseed.com/catalog/ They purchase their seeds from major seed suppliers in bulk, then repackage them in reseable ziplock packaging. Each year they start out with fresh seeds, and donate the leftovers to pantry growers to help feed the hungry. The best...
    Posted to Forum by dmoffitt on Wed, Feb 9 2011
  • The Porch Garden

    I took a stroll to the library yesterday to pick up my books that were on hold. The heat led me to take a rest in their armchair and flip through magazines. One caught my eye and I learned something from Martha. Yes, THAT Martha. The article in Martha Stewart Living covered Martha's own porch and...
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on Fri, Jun 25 2010
  • Galvanized container food gardening

    I was asked about this recently, so I did a little research and decided that galvanized containers are probably not safe. Steel is galvanized when it's coated with zinc in a chemical bath, and while we need zinc in our diets, this would possibly be too much. Also, there is often hexavalent chrome...
    Posted to Forum by Pat on Mon, Jun 21 2010
  • Did I ruin my vegtable plants?!

    Hello, We live in a townhouse in Southern CA and this is the first year I've attempted to grow a potted garden on my spacious patio. I have tomato, squash, cukecumbers, mini watermelons, and many herbs. I used to mass garden back in Michigan, in the ground. I canned and froze the veggies. Since this...
    Posted to Forum by RobinYule on Sun, May 30 2010
  • New Gardener

    Hello All, I have never grown anything other than a spider plant but I would reall like to do some veggies and herbs. First I'm not allowed to plant a garden but I was wondering what I would be able to plant in containers ? Also was thinking that maybe the topsy torvey might be good for herbs?( I...
    Posted to Forum by spiritofnlmk on Fri, Apr 30 2010
  • Re: Absolute minimum garden item(s)?

    If you're sticking to containers, you could try a bush version of whatever summer squash you prefer with some nasturtiums planted in with it. You could plant assorted herbs either together or spread among the other pots. I would think you could grow some greens such as collards or chard in a container...
    Posted to Forum by Anna Marie on Wed, Jan 6 2010
  • Affordable Large Planters

    Where do you find affordable large planters for container gardening? Anyone have some brilliant frugal ideas for repurposing things around the home?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on Fri, Feb 20 2009
  • Growing with container boxes

    I have read the many posts from those who are seeking an easy, producing way to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers.With the many years of gardening that I have done, growing up on a farm, I have finally found the most easy to do method of growing your own vegetables.I purchased a grow box from...
    Posted to Forum by alsim on Thu, Feb 12 2009
  • Volunteer corn

    I have a little ivy plant that I rescued from another office. It's still a spindly little thing, but doing a lot better than before. I was very surprised about a week ago to see a new shoot coming up from the soil. Turns out that my husband had pulled off a kernel of the dried Indian corn decorating...
    Posted to Forum by Joyous on Mon, Nov 10 2008
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