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  • Cleaning Microfiber Furniture Myself

    Love "home CEO's" advice (and pro's!) on this. Have an expensive set of furniture we covered with microfiber because we have pets. But one sofa keeps getting dirty from daily use, especially along the edges of the two main, attached cushions. Suggestions on how to clean it myself and...
    Posted to Forum by lifeinbalance on Sun, Mar 23 2014
  • Toys from recycled materials

    Saw a thread on this at some point but couldn't find it.... Stuff I have done as a parent and childrens librarian: Putt Putt Boats.....milk carton, candle, aluminum pop can. Basically a steam powered jet boat. 2 liter water rockets, tumblewing gliders, hand gliders made from waste styro foam and...
    Posted to Forum by drumire on Fri, Mar 2 2012
  • Winter Squash - A seasonal bargain with variety!

    Tis the season for an abundance of winter produce! Winter Squash to be precise. Most people think of pumpkin pie and stop there when trying to figure out what to do with these prolific growers that usually just make great fall decorations.If you're a gardener, you'll also be delighted to know...
    Posted to Weblog by Millers Grain House on Tue, Oct 25 2011
  • Re: Solutions for a problematic zipper?

    We had the same problem so we invented a solution! www.ZipperAde.com you can get 3 for only $4.99 We got so tired of returning expensive jeans! This product is small enough where you cannot see it- and works on 99% of all zippers.
    Posted to Forum by www.ZipperAde.com on Mon, Jun 6 2011
  • Making healthy and practically free chicken stock.

    Saving money and stretching dollars often requires a little bit of 'playing with our food'! That is actually one of my FAVORITE parts of being on a tight budget. I love to look at ways to stretch food and still eat healthy meals on a tight budget. By taking stock in what you have on hand you...
    Posted to Weblog by Millers Grain House on Wed, May 4 2011
  • The real cost of convenience foods.

    Some foods are cheap. I mean that in all contexts of the word 'cheap'. They cost very few dollars but also have little value. The real cost of most convenience foods is paid for not by the wallet but by the body of the consumer. If one saves some cash and lives off of convenience foods, processed...
    Posted to Weblog by Millers Grain House on Fri, Sep 24 2010
  • Re: Reusing Packaging

    I reuse the plastic tubs I buy plums in for planting seeds for the next garden (spring or fall), making my own transplants, and I reuse the plastic strawberry containers to grow sprouts in, since they already have perforations in the bottom perimeter (handy for rinsing). My egg supplier also puts her...
    Posted to Forum by This Old Housewife on Tue, Sep 14 2010
  • Wow my homemade "green" laundry power also works in the dishwasher!

    Who'da thunkit? I ran out of dishwashing detergent, and never liked the idea that unlike other detergents, automatic dish detergent is the lone exception to the laws banning phosphates (which are super bad environmentally) and also put chlorine bleach in. But the "eco-friendly" phosphate...
    Posted to Forum by crunchymamamaine on Thu, Jan 21 2010
  • Re: How Was Your Electric Bill ? Was It Higher ?

    My wife and I just paid our electrical bill. It was just under $39.00. We used no propane as we have a Wood stove that heats our house and warms our bath water! This is with an old freezer from the 1960's and two other freezers. The freezers are in the cold garage and dont run much in the winter...
    Posted to Forum by erickman on Sat, Jan 16 2010
  • Trying to live better on less $$

    Greeting, You might refer to us as the cheapskate family. By cheap, we refer to living better on less money. Over the years we learned simple tips and tricks that enable us save quite a bit of money and we're always looking around for new ideas. We like to share and exchange family money strategies...
    Posted to Forum by leaptocheap on Sun, Jan 10 2010
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