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  • Cooking on a Budget

    Allrecipes has a good looking page for ideas on cooking for less. Are you able to cook on a budget, how are you making it happen?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 01-20-2013
  • September One Harvest

    One Harevest is the newest program offering food boxes. Are you making an order this month? What do you think of the menu? September Menu Read more about dollar stretchers and food programs Do you trust new food programs?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 09-07-2012
  • Recipe Finder database f SNAP/Food Stamps recipients (CHEAP recipes!)

    Dear Forumites, I was thinking that there must be a more modern supplement to the old Food Stamps recipes brochures that I have. I Googled & found this great resource. You can find recipes by type (e.g., vegetarian), by appliance (e.g., blender, stovetop) & most importantly by cost f a serving...
    Posted to Forum by Deborahmichelle on 08-13-2012
  • Save yourself a lot of money and learn to make one simple thing...

    ...a roux! (pronounced "roo") If that word intimidates you, realize that it is really just a glob of equal parts fat and flour usually with some salt mixed in. That is the basis for gravies, "cream of" anything soups, etc. Just like with condensed soup, you simply add milk or water...
    Posted to Forum by Mimi on 01-10-2012
  • Frugal Beverages

    Ahh the price of soda and other prepared drinks! There are frugal alternatives to soda, what are your choices?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 03-02-2011
  • Cheap Snacks

    The $10 a day for meals discussion has several worried about snacks. Martha mentioned that there are frugal snack ideas. I agree with the concerned posters, a snack can be important for growing children and active adults and I think Martha is right as well. What are some of your frugal snack ideas?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 12-06-2010
  • Re: Spoiled system: Eating healthier comes with a price for families

    If she looked at food in terms of health-per-dollar, she'd have a whole new attitude. On the antioxidant front alone, small red beans and forbidden rice outdo blueberries, and the blueberries are more expensive per pound than the beans and rice (not to mention seasonal). Certain spices are even HIGHER...
    Posted to Forum by This Old Housewife on 09-09-2010
  • Barbecuing Without Taking Out a Loan for the Food

    Ohhh the smell of food grilling takes me back to the big cook outs my parents used to have. The cost of those enjoyable meals certainly seemed smaller years ago. Can we still afford to grill? Bankrate has an article called Slicing the Barbecue Budget Do you have more ways to cut the cost of a barbecue...
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 07-01-2010
  • Reducing Your Food Budget

    Monica Resinger shares with the dollar stretchers how to reduce food expenses. Reduce Your Food Budget Do you put some of these tips to use?
    Posted to Forum by Brandy on 05-08-2010
  • Need a little Inspiration

    Ok, due to hubby's layoff in Jan, we're on a tight budget. We're blessed with my income still, and while things are tight, they should be doable. For now, we're on a $75 for 2 weeks budget for food, cat supplies, non foods, etc. for 3 people and 3 cats, cat supplies are about $25/month...
    Posted to Forum by PurpledSilver on 03-06-2010
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