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  • Re: ~*~ What's for Dinner Summer Edition 2013 ~*~

     Hey y'all!! Tonight we are doing sausages, kale with bacon and whipped butternut squash (from the freezer). Left over cherries and strawberries from the garden for dessert. Hope everyone is well!
  • Re: hi itss cindy

     Sending hugs hugs and more hugs.  :(
    Posted to Open Mike (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 07-30-2013
  • Re: 7/30 Daily stretcher

     I am so sorry that so many of us are having such a rough time health wise.  :( I am sending hugs to everyone! I am pleased to announce that we have stayed on budget for 3 days! This is a huge deal here at our house. I am trying VERY hard to stick to the menu I set up (I went through the freezer and made a meal plan based on what was on ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 07-30-2013
  • Re: HOW to follow a set budget???

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I have been reading them all as they come in and have just kinda been digesting the whole idea, which is why I haven't responded until now. We do pretty good about checking the budget every night--- until we max out on the budget before the end of the fiscal week. Then it all kinda goes out the window. Then ...
    Posted to Can You Help? (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 07-16-2013
  • HOW to follow a set budget???

     Hi y'all!! I really, really, really need help. Can someone (in as much detail as you feel like) PLEASE give me some hints about STICKING to a budget. I *thought* that I was being really good, really hard-core this past fiscal month but I just now looked @ the numbers and.... yep, you guessed it, we are over again. I am so so sad. I ...
    Posted to Can You Help? (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 07-13-2013
  • Re: Zaycon Foods? Experiences?

    Well, it looks like in my area they really only offer the ground beef and the chicken. I was somewhat interested in EVERYTHING they offered tho!! I am thinking that I am prob not going to order anything right now..... I'm just too wary!! 
  • Re: Food Processor

     I just want to throw in my 2cents on Kitchenaid products in general--- we bought a new very expensive ($2500) refrigerator 9 months ago and have had nothing but problems. TONS of service calls, lots of rotten food, etc. I know that Kitchenaid has the best rep for quality but I doubt I will ever buy a kitchenaid product again!! Beware!! I ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 06-27-2013
  • Zaycon Foods? Experiences?

     Hey y'all! So. I have been toying with the possibility of ordering some things from Zaycon Foods. It looks to me like some of the prices are pretty much the same as Costco but the chicken is a VERY good deal, much better than Costco. I've peeked around online at some of the reviews and it really looks kinda mixed to me. SO I am ...
  • Re: Garage sale Honor

     It can be so irritating how folks behave @ yard/garage sales. Last year we had a garage sale and I had a box of baby items (partial boxes of nursing pads, diapers, things that I didn't really think I could sell but that someone could certainly use) out that said FREE and a man snatched the whole box and said "this is great, my ...
    Posted to That's Outrageous! (Forum) by aloha_from_cali on 06-24-2013
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