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  • Re: Wonderful Wednesday $$$$$$$$$$$ Stretching for April 23rd

    Enjoyed the beautiful blossoms on the apple & cherry trees this morning as I trimmed, then mowed the yard, & dead-headed the spent daffodils & grape hyacinths. The tulips are just starting to open. Continued to dehydrate old apricots. Made myself a sandwich for lunch.
    Posted to General (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-23-2014
  • Re: 2014 garden

    Picked some dark red tulips to fill a green bud vase this afternoon before the gusting winds hit.
    Posted to Gardening (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-22-2014
  • Re: 2014 garden

    The neighbors from whom I used to accept lawn clippings moved.  This morning, I had a conversation with the new neighbor, about the increase in the garbage fee for the city cans,& I mentioned that I could use their lawn clippings as mulch, if they didn't want to have to use a 2nd can.  Thankfully, he liked the idea, too, so I ...
    Posted to Gardening (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-19-2014
  • Re: Thrift Stores!!!!!!!!!

    Found a nice framed picture at a yard sale for $3.
    Posted to Living Green (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-19-2014
  • Re: 2014 garden

    [quote user="LifeofRiley"]I planted some tomato seeds that are in a paper pot that were given to us from the Miracle Grow rep. We will see if they grow.[/quote] Free is the best price!
    Posted to Gardening (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-18-2014
  • Re: Good Friday April 18th $$$$$$$$$$$$ Stretching

    [quote user="MarthaMFI2"]lots of parents who don't like following rules there..don't know how they think their kids will manage in the real world but don't want to borrow trouble either. enough problems of my own.[/quote]  Seems like there are lots of those here as well.   Planted the carrots & weeded some ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-18-2014
  • Re: 2014 garden

     Planted the carrots this morning.  We are supposed to have intermittent rain showers for the next 3 days, so it seemed ike a good time.
    Posted to Gardening (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-18-2014
  • Re: Thankful Thursday April 17th $$$$$$$$$$$ Stretching

    Today was an at home day. Opened the windows to let in the fresh, cool morning air, as we were in the 70's today, & the west afternoon sun thru the bay window can really heat up the house. Folded the dry clothes from the laundry rack & put them away, then washed towels & hung them to dry. Filled the dehydrator trays with old ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-18-2014
  • Re: Drying Herbs

    [quote user="Anna Marie"]Zohner, there are several Youtube videos on the subject. AM[/quote]  Thanks, AM.  I knew red raspberry leaf was the "woman's herb", but did not know it was good for arthritis!   This year I plan to dry dill, parsley, red raspberry leaves, spearmint, peppermint & possibly ...
    Posted to Self Sufficient Living (Forum) by zohnerfarms on 04-18-2014
  • Re: 2014----How I Saved Money This Week

    [quote user="zohnerfarms"]we fill the cars on Wednesday at the Chevron station, using the Chevron card.  It gets us a discount on the gas AND a free car wash.  [/quote]  On my usual Wednesday trip to town, I also picked up grounds for gardeners at Starbucks, found jars & American Girl books at 2 thrift stores,then ...
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