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  • Re: who pays the bills ???

     The actual scheduling of online payments is my job.  BUT...we sit down for a budget meeting the end of every month and discuss the budget and make any changes that are necessary for the next month's budget.   We are a team when it comes to our finances. 
    Posted to General (Forum) by rolo on 04-14-2014
  • Re: DeborahMichelle? Bargain Binge?

     Thanks for the info/update. 
    Posted to General (Forum) by rolo on 04-14-2014
  • DeborahMichelle? Bargain Binge?

    I was off the forum for quite a while.  I noticed that DeborahMichelle and Bargain Binge aren't here anymore.  Any update for me?  Just wondering why they left and hoping all is well with both of them.
    Posted to General (Forum) by rolo on 03-30-2014
  • Re: Do Cheap Laundry Detergents Work?

     We have made our own powdered detergent for a couple of years now.  I do know that the hardness of the water supply makes a big difference--we have softened/treated water and have no problems with detergent not dissolving or rinsing out nicely.  We use Dawn original blue dish washing liquid and an old toothbrush to pre-treat stains ...
    Posted to Home and Family (Forum) by rolo on 03-27-2014
  • Re: Suggestions for unpredictable yet bound-to-happen expenses?

    We have a cash envelope for clothing with $X in it.  We replenish it as the money is spent.   We have savings to cover vehicle maintenance/repairs and home maintenance/repairs.  These categories are capped at X amount and replenished as needed. Once you start tracking all those things--including haircuts, gifts, school field trip ...
    Posted to Budgets (Forum) by rolo on 03-09-2014
  • Re: How has the recovering economy impacted your retirement plans?

     The slow but steady creep of inflation has become noticeable--the total cumulative effects of inflation in all areas has caused our budget to get tighter as we haven't, and won't, reduce our savings goals for retirement.  At 58 and 61, we are underfunded for retirement and striving ot save as much as possible.  We are also ...
    Posted to Stages of Life (Forum) by rolo on 03-08-2014
  • Re: Costs of putting off car maintenance

     Regular maintenance is so important to extend the life of a vehicle.  Well worth the sacrifice to budget in savings for vehicle AND home maintenance/repairs. 
    Posted to Dollar Stretcher (Forum) by rolo on 02-26-2014
  • Re: Wild Hairs

     Ahhhh, the "joys" of being women of a certain age...thankful for my magnifying mirror, bright bathroom light, and trusty tweezers!!!!  
    Posted to General (Forum) by rolo on 02-05-2014
  • Re: 2013 Tax Refunds

     A quick mock return on TaxAct shows that we owe both federal and state.  We have been setting money aside for this and will be going to the CPA at the end of February to have a pro handle it this year.  First time we have hired a pro but our financial picture is more complicated this year due to a few factors.  I will ...
    Posted to Taxes (Forum) by rolo on 02-05-2014
  • Re: Suggestions for unpredictable yet bound-to-happen expenses?

     We deposit $X into our savings account that is earmarked for those types of expenses.  Each category has a set amount in it.  We track how much is in each cateory on Excel.  When we need to use the $ we transfer it onlline into the checking account.  We keep $X in a cash envelope for clothing.  Other categories are ...
    Posted to Budgets (Forum) by rolo on 01-26-2014
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