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Can I freeze celery?

Last post Fri, Nov 30 2012 2:09 PM by Leslie Patrick. 19 replies.
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  • Fri, Oct 17 2008 11:11 PM

    • Kim_150
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    • Joined on Sun, Oct 5 2008
    • Green Bay, WI
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    Can I freeze celery?

    Can you tell this is a theme for me lately? Embarrassed

    I know celery is mostly water, so the texture will be completely limp...but has anyone frozen celery to use in recipes? I've frozen the ends and leaves to use in stocks and broths, but could I dice the stalks and freeze them for chili or soup? 

    I'm trying to be really good about not wasting anything!  

  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 5:56 AM In reply to

    • jcrmom
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    • Joined on Tue, Jun 24 2008
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

     I just tried freezing celery early this week. I have never frozen it before. We have not used any of it yet. I think it would be good to use in soups or stuffing. I chopped mine up and put it on a cookie sheet to freeze. When you take it out and bag it, it is frozen so that you can take out a little at a time to use.

  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 8:06 AM In reply to

    • Brandy
    • Top 10 Contributor
    • Joined on Wed, Mar 28 2007
    • Saving in South Mississippi
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    Yes, you can chop and freeze celery with success. It works well in cooked dishes as a fresh seasoning rather than dried.

    I do warn that since celerey is wet it tends to stick together as it freezes. Take the container out as it freezes and shake to prevent some of the sticking. I still have some that do but I usually can pry it loose with a fork or knock the ziplock against a counter to loosen the pieces.



    The Dollar Stretcher Community Manager

  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 8:45 AM In reply to

    • Toni B.
    • Top 25 Contributor
    • Joined on Sat, Apr 5 2008
    • Seneca Falls NY
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    Another alternative is dehydrating. I dehydrate bell peppers, carrots, celery and onions. They shrink and can be stored in airtight containers. When I make stews, soups and stocks, I toss all the ingredients in and they plump back up. This leaves more freezer space for meats.
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  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 9:19 AM In reply to

    • Autumn
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    • Joined on Thu, Oct 25 2007
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    To prevent the sticking together, first spread the chopped celery out on a cookie sheet and freeze. Then put the frozen celery in a Ziploc. This has worked great for me and I do this with my garden pepper and onions as well. Hope this helps!


  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 1:33 PM In reply to

    • suzin
    • Top 200 Contributor
    • Joined on Tue, Jul 24 2007
    • Posts 244

    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    I freeze celery and onions too....When celery is on sale I buy a couple big ones....clean them up and chop up in fairly small pieces...then I put them in a gallon  zip lock freezer bag....freeze them and after frozen take them out and bang them around till they are broken up...put back in the freezer...when I'm making soup, meat loaf, etc...I just take out the pkg and get as much as I want...put the pkg back in the freezer....I always use it to cook with this way.....it is so handy...I do this with onions too....

  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 8:48 PM In reply to

    • gayla50
    • Top 10 Contributor
    • Joined on Mon, Sep 24 2007
    • Western North Carolina
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    I do both here around Thanksgiving there is always a sale on celery I buy several and freeze some and I dehydrate some too

    I also do onions and pepper  .. 

    always works out both method


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  • Sat, Oct 18 2008 10:31 PM In reply to

    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    • yup.  i chop it fairly small (< 1/2") and pack it in yogurt cups or some other plastic (recycled!) container.  also, onions and peppers freeze well, too.  any little bit that's usable can be frozen for later.
  • Sun, Oct 19 2008 11:47 AM In reply to

    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    Dear All, I freeze ALL KINDS of produce.  The only thing that has ever given me trouble is raw potatoes, but baked potatoes are just fine.  I use fold-&-close sandwich bags into which my aide places 1/2 c of veggies that she has just cut.  Then we put all the baggied into a zip-lock gallon bag, that we label.  I keep whole the baked potatoes, lemons, & limes.  I freeze in water herbs in an ice-cube tray, then put the cubes into a labeled zip-lock quart bag.  I freeze stock the same way, in an ice-cube tray.  (It's about 2 T).  I freeze whole eggs the same way, BTW.  I have a BIG bag of produce leavings like the core of a cauliflower or teh roots of green onions/scallions.  I have enough now that I'll be making stock out of the bag's contents, & then making a mushroom & barley soup with that stock.  It should be yummy!  BTW, wrapping all the bag's contents in cheesecloth makes it MUCH easier to "drain" the stock.

    Yours in Him, Deb

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    Yours in thrift, Deborah

  • Tue, Oct 21 2008 3:43 PM In reply to

    • karen604
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    • Joined on Mon, Sep 10 2007
    • Colorado
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    Re: Can I freeze celery?

    I am so glad that I happened on this message.

    I have peppers, celery and carrots coming out of my ears. They have been on great sale lately so I stocked to freeze but I have run out of room. The dehydrator comes out tonight! I already have some of the peppers chopped up.

    I too will use them for stew and soup.

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The Dollar Stretcher has a new community!

Feel free to read the great frugal living tips, ideas and discussions readers and community members have posted here. But if you'd like to post something or start a discussion, please click here to go over to our new community site and create an account.

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