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Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

Last post Mon, Oct 21 2013 2:23 PM by AnotherBrandy. 29 replies.
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  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 8:37 AM

    Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

     I started on my fall and winter wardrobe for the family.

    With the smaller selection at second hand places and higher prices, I decided to take a look at new bargains. I set a budget of $100 to order some things for the little one at Old Navy to be delivered.

    For my money, I ordered:

    2 pairs of jeans
    2 yoga pants
    1 turtleneck
    1 long sleeve shirt
    1 skirt
    1 pair of leggings
    1 thick hoodie


    She needs two more pants, a few more shirts and some sweaters, jackets or hoodies. I will be looking at new shirts and yoga pants for myself. The guys need jeans.

    I will be looking at bargain buys and checking out thrift stores.

    How are you doing with your fall and winter shopping?


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  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 10:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    I went to Kmart last week for some household/kitchen items and scored some good sales on upper top layering pieces, sweaters and 2 great button up long sleeve shirts. Everything was on sale. I am now looking for pants/bottoms and maybe some more leg warmers. I can generally find kid's pants that fit me from Old Navy so I'm waiting to see what they have this season. I don't have a budget set for the pants because when I actually find a pair that fits, which is like never, I grab them with gusto.
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  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 10:13 AM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    I am sick of my summer clothes! I have few and get tired of wearing the same old thing! But, I survived. Now I will wait until I get out the fall/winter clothes before I buy anything. I have more of those plus sometimes I buy sale items at the end of the season, never wear them, pack them away and then forget I had them. Doesn't look like I'll actually need anything but we'll see.
  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 10:58 AM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    I have plenty for myself, but would like a new black skirt, black boots, brown boots.  Those will go on my Christmas list that MIL asks for.

    DH needs new jeans & shirts.  He's been wear them a size too big for a year!

    DD will need jeans.  She has leggings from last year that she wore as pants.  Now they are definately tight enough to be leggings!  I need to find some solid skirts, brown boots, black & brown dress shoes for her.

    This will all have to wait until after our Disney trip in two weeks.  After the trip, I'll get the clothing & start saving for Christmas gifts.

  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 12:22 PM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    My fall work wardrobe is pretty much set. I did buy two pair of corduroy pants but need to lose 10 pounds as they ran small. Hopefully, when we move to our new building in November, we'll have a more relaxed dress code (jeans every day!) but I'll still need nice tops, of which I have plenty. No need to purchase any.

    My casual wardrobe consists of jeans and hooded sweatshirts. I have a huge collection of hoodies - just about all of them given to me - and can layer them with t-shirts or long sleeved thermal tops.

    I think the only thing I need to buy are some new undies and socks. When those are new, it makes every outfit feel new!

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  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 1:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    I bought a pair of maternity jeans this week, the kind with the thick, stretchy waistband, so I could wear them for several weeks after baby is born and still be comfortable. Otherwise, I'm planning on making due with the clothes I have this year. After I have baby and lose a little baby weight (15ish lbs) I should fit into 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothes and it's been so long since they were worn that it will be like having a whole new wardrobe! LOL I do need nursing bras (setting aside $50 next month to get 2 and asking my mom & grandma for $50 at Christmas to get 2 more), undies, and a good pair of work shoes, but that will all wait until Christmastime, so that may be my main gift! LOL

    DH needs a pair or 2 of lounge pants for around the house; he prefers these over jeans during the colder months. That will be a Christmas present for him since he asked for it that way.

    DD is all set except maybe another sweatshirt or 2 and some winter pajamas. We were blessed this year. First we went to JCPenny and found her jeans -- $80, but we knew it would be like that and we planned for it. We got 4 pairs. A friend hemmed them for us at no cost. Another friend gave DD a bunch of hand-me-downs, which included a sweatshirt and a hoodie. Her aunt gave her a stack of about 15 or 20 camis with built-in bralettes, so DD can use those for layering during the fall and winter. Those are an adult small so a little big right now, but that means she'll be able to wear them for at least a couple of years.

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  • Wed, Sep 25 2013 4:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    I swear my children (except middle DS) have all grown in the last month!

    DD needs: winter coat, hat and mittens, 3-4 new pants as she has shot up! I many things from my nieces, but she and youngest niece are 18 months apart and my girl is a bit bigger than most 3 year olds so she and niece are wearing the same size right now. Like Brandy, I may try the Old Navy route as i have coupons and can find good deals.

    Middle DS needs: tennis shoes. He has all hand-me-downs from oldest DS and is set otherwise.

    Oldest DS: sweat pants and jeans, hat and gloves, new snow boots. He gets quite a few things from my nephews but he and my youngest nephew are almost the same size right now (15 months apart) so not as many things coming our way. I just bought him underwear but he may need socks soon, too.

    Technically, I am set! I have everything I could need. I pack away winter sweaters/wool/fleece so in a few weeks when I get those out of storage, it will feel like new clothes!

    DH has lost weight (yay!) so I ordered him 2 new pair of khaki pants at the start of the school year. He could use one more pair. He can wear jeans on Fridays and he ordered some on sale this summer. He is a 36 inseam so not much locally. Mostly order online.  He has plenty of shirts/sweaters/casual wear. He does need some new comfy teaching shoes (not tennis shoes) and he always asks for new running shoes for Christmas.

  • Thu, Sep 26 2013 2:00 AM In reply to

    • vivid
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    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    Need fall clothes urgently, I am thinking of buying them online:)
  • Thu, Sep 26 2013 10:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    shouldn't need anything but have keep an eye out for things for the kids. ds seems to be on a growth spurt so need to see what is in the storage bin and eye on the sales. he is at a odd stage ..little big for 8 but too small for a 10 ..not many 9's out there.   he is a string bean.

    dd probably needs girly rainboots too. have blk ones.

  • Fri, Sep 27 2013 8:40 AM In reply to

    Re: Fall and Winter Clothes Shopping

    Well, I'm here to tell you that making the switch to a capsule wardrobe will change your life. So take that initial curiosity for the concept and commit to just trying it as an experiment. You don't have to pick only 10 core items. Pick twenty if it makes you more comfortable I found compare shop clothing But what you should do is get rid of all of those clothes you have that are cluttering up your closet and confusing your sense of style.

    My 10-item wardrobe for fall and winter, consists of:

    Three dresses,
    Three blazzers,

    Two pairs of skinny jeans,
    Two sweaters,

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