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Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

Last post Wed, Mar 27 2013 6:11 PM by gayla. 21 replies.
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  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 9:20 AM

    Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

     I thought we had this thread going but I am not seeing one so...

    What are you preparing for Easter's feast? Are you able to stick to a low expense on the fare?


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  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 10:30 AM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    My mom is bringing food with her when she visits in a couple of weeks and we are planning on cooking up one of the ham's for Easter dinner so that will save me a chunk of money. The rest of the meal will make-ahead items that are also inexpensive like potato salad, devilled eggs, salad and fresh veggies. Made add fruit kabobs and need some dessert. I'm thinking peach cobbler as one option; maybe a pie for the other option and will add in ice cream. I do not think the meal will be very expensive for feeding 15 or so people.
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  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 11:52 AM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    My sister is planning a pot luck at her house for the whole extended family. She asked me to bring cornbread & devilled eggs, so that should be easy on the budget. She also asked DS18 to bring his chocolate cheesecake, so he will be doing that.


  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 2:10 PM In reply to

    • map578
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    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    Pot luck. Ham (myself), kielbasa (sister) potato (myself), cole slaw (my sister), spinach salad, candied carrots (her mother in law) , rolls (my sister in law), deviled eggs, and a relish tray. I am not sure about the potatoes yet but they will be either crockpot mashed or scalloped.

    I also have a niece who married a man who loves to forage for salad greens and edibles so if he does I may scratch the spinach salad all together. Easter is early this year so I suspect he may not do so well on his salad hunt.

    Who knows what else will show up. We are getting to be quite the melting pot and as my family expands everyone will show up with food that is traditional for their extended families.

    Deserts vary from year to year, I make a hummingbird cake and I suspect a couple of the others will bring lemon pie, cherry cheese pie and what ever they feel like, 

  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 7:26 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    We are my husband and I thought hard about this so hard we thought about skipping easter and passover so I thought what??? then he interupted me in the middle of me saying what said we skip out on passover this year and do easter with the family I have believe me for mom and dad this is a good boost for them and me we had a ticking time bom dropped on us last year and this not from cindy last year with the cancer thing and to mom in and out of the er so I think this mom gets a break I will be glad to skip the lamb and dinner and let cindy loose in the kitchen with easter dinner.


    green beans with musrooms and those crunch chung king bits and creamed mushroom soup over it

    mashed potatoes/mushroom gravey


    veggie plate




    or ice cream what ever people want cindy made all of it from scratch

  • Wed, Mar 13 2013 7:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    Easter's approaching more quickly than I realised. I haven't made a single plan yet. Not sure if we'll have the in-laws for dinner. If we do, there will be ham, but not sure what else I'll serve with it. Will check back in this thread for ideas.
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  • Mon, Mar 18 2013 11:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    Ham, honey glazed and probably with apricot pineapple preserves, fresh rosemary, thyme and dry herbs/spices

    Mini circus animal shaped waffle bar

    Vegetarian quiche w/assorted fresh vegetables of choice and a nice elegant choice to pair with it

    Simple spring greens/strawberry salad w/special nuts (either candied or fresh toasted)

    Asparagus orange velvet soup OR creamy broccoli/cheddar

    Giant fruit salad

    MAYBE coleslaw or potato salad, not sure - If so I am not the one making it.

    MAYBE crescent rolls or Grand's flaky biscuits (tradition), not sure

    Can't wait for split pea soup with the reserved ham bone!!!

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  • Wed, Mar 20 2013 8:53 AM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    Normally, I would be ready but this year, I have no idea.
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  • Wed, Mar 20 2013 4:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

    If DS#2 and DIL dont eat with us, we will have ham and turkey. I have a small one of each in the freezer. IF they eat, then we will have pork loin that I will have to buy or Boston Butt cooked like pulled pork.  She cant have ham or the turkey that I have due to allergies. Sides will be mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, raw veggie platter, maybe green bean caserole and a brocolli casserole. Dont know about dessert yet, nned to decide . There will be 17 or 20 to feed. Babs
  • Wed, Mar 20 2013 4:33 PM In reply to

    • grame
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    Re: Frugal Easter Menu, 2013

     I'm waiting to see what the weather will be like, but ham for sure.  Either on shish-ka-bobs or baked.  Deviled eggs for sure!  Just doing a wait and see for now. 

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