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Tired of Being Frugal?

Last post Fri, Jan 25 2013 1:05 PM by ocd dad. 12 replies.
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  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 1:19 PM

    • Brandy
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    Tired of Being Frugal?

    Do you ever just get tired of having to say no to yourself and your family; tired of having to do without and stretch what you have hard?

    It does actually happen to people. We as people can get tired of things even if we love doing them. Do you know how to combat this so you can get back on track or avoid it?


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  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 1:33 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    Someone in this house has to be frugal I hate to say it but it's me.  To help balance for me at least twice per month I try and purchase something just for me.  Sometimes it's just buying something from the thrift store,other times it's a McDonald's med. Frappe just something to help me put a little I try to not spend more them $4.00 to $10.00 I know it;s still money out but I feel I deserve that much.  As you can tell my reading my post dh isn't going to help me be frugal so that road I go alone we would be so much better financially if he would just corporate I'am not asking him to do much just fill his truck up when gas is at a lower price but he will say I've got gas so therefore he waits to fillup when the gas has gone up I know it's just a small thing but it all adds up. Yes I do get tired of being frugal and feel resentful because he refuses to help.
  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 2:19 PM In reply to

    • Jetamio
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    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    Yes, sometimes it can be tiring.  But I give myself a little "mad money" each pay period - about $10.  This money can be used for anything I want.  Coffee or happy hour with a friend, a magazine, book, etc.  Sometimes I save it and pool it for something bigger.  The indulgence keeps me focused.

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  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 6:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    It's hard, especially with my teenage daughter who just doesn't seem to comprehend that money doesn't fall from trees. It's also hard for me.
    Mama to a teen and a preschooler KINDERGARTENER!! -- oh, the fun! Also co-parenting 3 other awesome kids. :)
  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 7:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    I do know how hard it can be. I used to purchase season tickets to the local community theatre so that we would get to go out every six weeks or so. Helped my attitude and worked well for artistic DD.
  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 10:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    I thought I was getting out of the woods with higher income, but then lost insurance and food stamps, so I am back where I was. I did have a few months of higher income, and I am happy I was able to get the kids a few new clothes, and pay for some Christmas presents. (No Christmas debt!) I also bought some uniforms for myself as we are changing uniforms, and one pair of shoes for one place (white) and a comfortable business pair for the other (black grasshoppers, I love them.) Glad I have some things bought, I would like one more new uniform as I only have two shirts and one pants in the new scrubs color, and one pair of pants I haven't had time to hem. For clothes, I bought the teens jeans and the girls some uniform sweaters, all needed. Now I am hoping the car runs well for a few months, it will need new tires soon, and I have been driving it with a cracked sway bar for a few years, which is getting worse. I will need to plan my tax return money carefully.
  • Wed, Jan 23 2013 11:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    I miss just buying a cup of coffee at school, or buying lunch every now and then. Packing and carrying everything... well, it's just not fun and is time consuming and a lot to carry. :/
    Mama to a teen and a preschooler KINDERGARTENER!! -- oh, the fun! Also co-parenting 3 other awesome kids. :)
  • Thu, Jan 24 2013 9:12 AM In reply to

    • MamaJ
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    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    We budget for small "treats" to avoid frugal fatigue. As others have said, maybe a coffee out when it's really cold, or maybe we'll splurge a little on a weekend dinner at home.

    It also helps to keep the bigger picture in mind. I do get a little tired of keeping the house at 60 degrees, wearing a winter hat indoors, etc., but I know that those savings are going to make a difference elsewhere in the budget. We gave up cable and I think it felt like a hardship for the guys, but when we talked about where that money would be used instead -- vacations, baseball games, etc. -- they thought it was a good tradeoff. 

    Another thing we've done is use Mint.com to keep track of goals. When we save money somewhere, I transfer money into one of the goal accounts.  Mint keeps track of when you will reach the goal, and it's extremely gratifying to watch the date move up a few days, or a week, depending on how much money transfered. 

  • Thu, Jan 24 2013 10:51 AM In reply to

    • ocd dad
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    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    work at home unmarried dad

    emphasis on -- dad......the rest isnt important
  • Thu, Jan 24 2013 1:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Tired of Being Frugal?

    These are all very heartfelt answers to read... really stops to make you think and be grateful. Sometimes those with less actually have "more"... more togetherness, more gratitude, more ability to get by without, more mindfullness, more happiness that does not depend on things money can buy/material items, more joy in all that they do have even if it's less than others... and so on. I just want to stop and thank you all for the honest and heartfelt answers. I am touched and feel you are all truly blessed in your own special ways.

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Chinese Proverb~
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