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Cleaning Schedule

Last post Mon, Jan 7 2013 11:32 PM by Bernie. 17 replies.
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  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 3:58 PM

    • Brandy
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    Cleaning Schedule

    I like having particular days to get things done. It helps me to stay on track.

    Do you have a schedule for house cleaning?


    The Dollar Stretcher Community Manager

  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 4:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    I wish I could say I'm so organized that A gets done this day, B that day and C on another day.
    But really, what works is having two options of a day to do tasks.
    My work weeks flex, as I'm a demand worker. So on weeks where I have Sunday off, or only one client, that is a great sheets and towels laundry morning. If my Sunday is busy, I'll get up early on Monday to do the same.
    I really try to keep up on things like the floors, bathroom, and around door and cabinet handles, dusting, mirrors.

    My hard one is floorboards. I try to get them monthly. Quarterly is more like it.
  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 5:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    We clean on Saturday mornings. We all pitch in and work together to get it done-takes no more than 2 hours, then we have late breakfast/brunch and do something fun as a family-hiking. bike ride e.t.c, I have a rotating list of things to do, so over time everything gets done-dusting/vacuuming/wiping down doors and baseboards, wiping down washer and sweeping basement floor always get done, but things like windows, sweeping out garage/patio, cleaning fan blades, cleaning out closets get done, but less often.

    I also work for 30 minutes after dinner clean up ( with one child, they take turns). I work on whatever needs doing most-any clutter, mop kitchen or bathroom floor, wipe off a shelf in the frig/or the front of the frig.

    Dinner clean up every day includes all dishes loaded, dining table/counter/sink/stove top wipe down, change table linens and sweep kitchen/dining floor.

    Bathroom is cleaned up by each person as they leave the room after showering. That leaves only sweeping/mopping the floor and washing the mats for me to do in one of my 30 min cleanups.

    If anyone makes a mess working on a project or cooking/playing whatever, that gets cleaned up immediately. We trained our boys from toddlers, only one thing out at a time. If they are coloring and decide they want to do a puzzle or play a board game, the crayons/markers/paper must be put away before the puzzle or game can come out. This really helps as it makes it easy for a child to clean up after themselves-it is not overwhelming for them.


  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 6:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    Even though it's just me, I like to keep things clean and tidy.

    I have a cleaning woman who comes in once a month but with the new dog, I need to clean more often.

    Each evening during the week, I do a small chore or two.  Monday it's the litterbox, fill the cat's food, empty all the garbage cans (I take the trash out Tuesday night).

    Tuesday, I  have my meeting at church and since I don't even make it home some days, all I do is haul the trash to the curb.

    Wednesday,  I keep available to have dinner with my grandsons.  I water my plants and put some chemicals in the spa.

    Thursday, wipe the stairs, clean the microwave, toaster, dishwasher and water dispenser (on the fridg.)

    Friday, I get gas in the car, get it washed, prep my meds and vitamins for the week, do two weekly chores (this week it's check tire pressure and check the vacuum bags).

    Saturday is the big cleaning day.  Counters get scrubbed down, rugs get shaken out or washed, floors get washed and vacuumed, and my bathroom gets a deep cleaning.  I also like to bulk cook on Saturday, but my freezer is pretty stocked up so I don't need to do this for awhile. Two monthly chores get done...this week it's clean and condition the leather furniture, and clean the cobwebs in the basement. Church in the evening.

    Sunday I take it a bit easy. I'll do some laundry, prep my outfits for the week (it makes mornings so much easier), clean out the fridg and prep my lunches for the week.

    Monthly chores and seasonal chores get divided up throught the month.  I have a list (of course) that I keep track of and am pretty diligent about attending to. Just makes life easier.

    I have to figure out when to get some major cleaning and painting done...maybe take some vacation days!

    It's all about Love!
  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 6:36 PM In reply to

    • lynn
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    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    DH and I clean house on Thursday nite , no matter how tired we are or how ruff our work day. We have found this frees up our weekends for other things and keeps the house clean .We do laundry and water plants, as well as the regular cleaning. I do detail cleaning( washing windows , cleaning out closets etc.) by making a list and working an hour or so in the afternoons. We  are happy to have found something that works for us as I can be a witch when my house is always dirty and my DH is one messy guy !

  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 9:51 PM In reply to

    • mechanika
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    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    I do the www.FlyLady.net program, so it isn't my own system, but it definitely is a quick and easy way to keep the house clean. It's more detailed than this, but basically here is what you do each day (below), plus a few other tasks that take maybe 15 mins in the morning and evening, and one daily emailed focus (like this week was cleaning the entry area and porch for your home - every few days the focus changes, so in no time at all, your whole house is clean with just a bit of time here and there). There's more info on her site if you are interested and/or haven't heard of it before.

     Monday: Weekly Home Blessing Hour (at an hour's worth of tasks, this is the longest day you clean during the week - so it's not bad, since it's only an hour; approx. 10 mins per task for vacuuming, etc., so it goes by quickly)

    Tuesday: Planning day (menu planning, wardrobe planning, budgeting, etc.)

    Wednesday: Anti-procrastination day (finish something you've been putting off)

    Thursday: Errand day (shopping, dry cleaning, medical/dental, etc.) - I actually switch this with Friday, since we get paid on Friday and that's when I do errands

    Friday: Declutter purse and car - I switch this and do it on Thursday

    Saturday: Family Fun Day/Date Night for us

    Sunday: Pampering Day (my favorite day of the week, now!)

    You can call me Anika. :)
  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 10:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

     Moms and cindy's is friday mine is on sundays only when I have a day off and get to spend time with the babies oh yeah boyfriend rod too.

  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 10:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    Thursday are my scheduled days for a full deep house clean. I get help with this while I am at my medical appointments. Basic santitary wiping/clean ups are done daily. Laundry is done as I can get to it. I need to get better with that though. Tuesdays I like to do fridge inventory and basic wipe down before grocery haul on Wednesday. If anything needs a minor touch up before my scheduled Thursday clean help then I will attend to it myself or do the best I can until Thursday. If it's something I need help with before Thursday then I can ask for help but generally I am able to manage lower-labor touch ups on my own.

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Chinese Proverb~
  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 10:21 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    Wow some of your schedules posted above are down right impressive!!! That was very inspiring to read above. Thank you!!!!!!

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Chinese Proverb~
  • Fri, Jan 4 2013 11:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Cleaning Schedule

    I do my floors and laundry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I deep clean the bathroom on Thursday with a wipe down daily. I clean out the fridge every Monday since it is garbage day on Tuesday. I dust and get cobwebs on Tuesdays. Saturday and Sunday are spent doing stuff with DH. Kitchen is cleaned daily since I hate to wake up to dishes in the sink. Beds are made each morning.
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