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FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

Last post 12-23-2012 12:35 PM by MarthaMFI. 8 replies.
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  • 12-05-2012 8:00 AM

    FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    Whether you can't afford gifts this year, forgot to get a gift and are out of money, need a last minute gift to give or just want to add a little extra this year without extra $ needed... your own home may be the best place to browse and shop! I know we have a ton of posts like this but if everyone who came here and read this was able to contribute at least 3 ideas of things they could make/give from stuff they already have at home that did not require any additional spending then we'd have a very nice list of ideas for people to browse through. Tell us three things you could put together and pull off for gift giving at no expense from your home? (Yes I am aware it was probably once paid for but the fact that it's at home and on hand already is our focus) Feel free to chip in any additional ideas even if it's things you think others might have on hand to work with.
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  • 12-05-2012 8:19 AM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    I was thinking about this and realized I really could make a lot of random/theme gift baskets. I have a bunch of lovely shaped small but tall glass jars I recycled from Taste Nirvana coconut waters. The cap is cute and says "Happiness in a Bottle"... I use them for my spices/home blend spice mixes. I could pull of a really fun gift basket with a homemade spice blend I could make for one of those bottles... dry bean/legume soup mix I could put in one of those bottles and I could fancy the bottles up with ribbons/decor... home grown sage bouquet... homemade cranberry sauce from the batch I recently made... some yams from my stock pile... and some homemade dessert treats like cookies or layer bars. Another idea might be using fresh mint from my yard and making dry tea leaves with it or crushing it into melted soap samples and molded to make a winter minty soap gifts. You can stack a trio and tie with beautiful ribbon. I like that. Now a really good idea came to mind. Pipe cleaner craft things. Make a tree out of them and then use tea bags as ornaments and give to the tea lover. That would be SO CUTE if it could be pulled off productively. I have been going through unopened things I have at home that I could include in Mom's stocking/gift stash this year.Every bit helps when you are working with your budget.
    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Chinese Proverb~
  • 12-05-2012 10:48 PM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    Wow, what a great thread. Something from home, put together with thought and imagination is so precious. Today I had to run out to the dollar tree for a few things and I got to looking at everything, and it occured to me. Its all just " stuff". Like tons of stuff, you name it , they put a santa clause face on it and sell it. I like home made gifts.

    With all the pretty vases, baskets, containers, and all the extra Christmas decorations, floral picks, etc. I could always make up a nice centerpiece for someone. Anything from the kitchen is always yummy , I could also print out some home made coupons" Redeem for one night of baby sitting", ( wash car, clean house, run errands, make a special dinner, etc) Those are great to give out and can be redeemed all year long. Also, those salt dough ornaments can be made and decorated and given as a gift too

  • 12-06-2012 9:31 AM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    My son is making this free craft for his great-grandmother: Pine cones sprinkled with glitter and cinnamon. 

    Another idea that works for those of you who are crafty -- knitting up small ornaments with scraps of leftover sock yarn. I've also cross-stitched miniature stockings with leftover fabric and floss.

  • 12-06-2012 9:50 AM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    I had planned to make some cross stitch ornaments for gifts this year, but only got a couple finished in time. Didn't have to buy anything, though, I've got enough stock--patterns, fabric, threads, ornament frames!--to last me through til the next millennium. LOL! I'll just try again next year.

    I'm going to be cleaning out and re-organising my linen closet sometime today or tomorrow. I also keep all our bathroom supplies in there--shampoo, toothpaste,etc. And a TON of Bath and Body Works stuff I've picked up this past year with coupons, by 3 get 3 free deals, and $10 off $30 purchases. Not to mention clearance items. I could probably find enough stuff for half a dozen gift bags or baskets right in that closet without making much of a dent in my supplies! In fact, I may just do that for a couple of people on my list.

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  • 12-06-2012 11:18 AM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    for donation for the guides..the family we adopted for xmas. I saw the lady was asking for casseroles dishes so I looked in my gift/storage closet for the ones I received a few years ago for xmas and donated them.  corning ware french white.  same as they sell now.  this is from the time the inlaws refused to buy gift cards so I had to come up with things for them to buy that were easy.  plus I donated anchor glass 3 bowl with lid set from the inlaws too that had been sitting unopened in my kitchen drawer from a stocking a couple of xmas's ago.    never used them so blessed someone else and saved me money plus decluttered. 

    plus I donated a easy bake microwave kit I picked up over the year. I always pick up kids gifts when they are good deals.

    I do have enough craft stuff to make some things for people but not likely I would get in there and do it.  maybe some stuff with the kids before xmas.

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  • 12-10-2012 12:28 PM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    A lot of "no-cost" to "low-cost" ideas spring to mind, some of which have been mentioned already....homemade gift certificates, which entitle bearer to certain items and/or services (such as home baked goodies,or babysitting/housecleaning/carwashing, etc.) throughout the year (I would LOVE these). Handmade crafts, such as hand knitted or crocheted items (from supplies you have on hand): Family photographs that would have sentimental meaning for the "giftee": A "Memory Letter" to an individual, sharing significant events they were a part of: If you have a "knack" with writing poetry, compose a poem based on the individual or something significant to them (it can be humorous or serious....depends on the personality of the person you are giving it to): Check your closet for items you have never worn (I have things that still have the price tags on them), and consider whether they might suit a person on your list. Of course you will have to consider the size of the item (if applicable), and the tastes of your intended recipient: I have been given numerous purses/totes which I will never get around to using them all....these might make a nice gift for someone: Books are always a good gift....I have been given many which would make great gifts for someone else: Some charities will give you a "thank you" gift when you donate....I have been saving dvds, cds, books, etc. for years and have quite the stockpile of items which would make great gift ideas for certain people: for the person concerned with the environment, you could make some "eco-friendly" items for their household use (from items you have on hand): meals for the freezer (especially appreciated by those with chronic illness, or busy schedules): A "family" cookbook, filled with recipes of different family members: giving a caregiver a "respite" from their duties for a day or two would be very thoughtful: for someone who is "crafty, give them some of your crafting supplies (if you are like me, you have more than you need).....so much more to add, but this is a start! Deb
  • 12-13-2012 9:48 PM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    I love craft and have a stash of craft and sewing supplies, so my "In Case Of Gift Emergency Gifts," would be along those lines.  Here are a few of the ideas I've used recently:-

    1. I still have quite a lot of glass paints left over from my cousin's 2010 wedding favor project.  I make a point of collecting plain white cups, plates etc and plain wine glasses when I'm thrifting or visiting the dollar store.   I can quickly paint a simple design to create an inexpensive gift. 
    2. My stepdaughter does in-store promotions for a local wine store.  Sometimes, she's allowed to keep excess product at the end of the promotion.  At a moment's notice, we can grab a bottle of wine for an instant gift.  I can also  bundle with some of my handpainted glasses for a bigger gift
    3. I bought a few shells from a local high-end home decor store with no real plan at the time.  I also have free miles of lace trim that I was given last year.  With a lace bow, some gold string (from my craft stash), a few tiny faux pearls (also from the craft stash) and a few minutes of my time. I've turned them into very pretty, expensive looking, Christmas tree ornaments for less than $1 each!
    4. Satin from the fabric stash, along with the free lace trim can be quickly turned into a pretty satin pillowcase
    5. I keep unusual packaging to repurpose it later.  For example, today at work (I'm running a Christmas themed day camp), I saved two  plastic boot shaped containers (transparent front) that once contained kids' party favours. When I got home this evening, I realized I needed a last minute kids gift, so I filled the boot with red and green candy (leftovers from my nephew's recent party - free) taped it shut, and tied a bit of red ribbon to decorate it.  Instant gift-no outlay.  Homemade goodies could have been used too!
    6. I have a prolific cactus that grows quickly - occasionally, I take a few of the "babies" and plant them in thrifted or dollar store bowls or mugs. Dress one up with a bow of wired edged ribbon for a quick, nice gift

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  • 12-23-2012 12:35 PM In reply to

    Re: FREE Christmas gifts from your home?

    you are so creative timzagain!

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