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Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

Last post Sun, Feb 3 2008 1:07 AM by Rosie345. 6 replies.
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  • Fri, Jan 4 2008 4:43 PM

    • SkyeBlue
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    Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    We have finally won a months long battle to rid my daughters hair of lice, but she has so many of the "nits' in her hair and is so tenderheaded I am SERIOUSLY considering just cutting her shoulder-length hair as short as I can without her being too ashamed to come out of the house!   After spending probably close to $100.00 on different commerical lice ridding products and homemade suggestions the ONLY thing that worked for us was coloring her hair, and I did mine at the same time, the same color so she would not feel too awkward.   

    My daughter has an incredibly thick head of hair.   It is going to take days and days to try and get all those nits out, and it is so painful for her.  Have any of you tried those special electric combs they sell in the sections with the lice removal products?  They cost about $20.00.  Since it is right after Christmas we are SO tapped for cash right now, I know it sounds terrible but I hate to spend that much on them if they don't work, like I did with the shampoo that was supposed to kill the lice but didn't work. 

    It has been months since she had a professional haircut and I would really like to get those out so I can take her to get her haircut. 




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  • Fri, Jan 4 2008 9:48 PM In reply to

    • NancyJo
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    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    Keep your money and don't buy it. IT will take LOTS of time and dilligents to get the nits, but the comb that you have , that came it the kit is good enough , you just need to use it 2x daily. Make sure you clean everything, bedding ,pillows couches, chairs, carpet brushes combs, more than likely you will get another outbreak in a few weeks and will have to do it all over again.  I fell for you and you just need to CLEAN everthing and maybe cut the kids hair to a managable length.

  • Sat, Jan 5 2008 2:36 PM In reply to

    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    Or you can go to the pet section of the store and get a flea comb...same thing as the lice comb, cheaper and metal so it lasts longer.

     Another tip...to prevent lice, get some tea tree oil and add a few drops to your shampoo...stinks, but keeps them away.

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  • Tue, Jan 8 2008 9:56 AM In reply to

    • kd86
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    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    We had a similar situation with our daughter about 4 years ago, she also has VERY thick hair and it was almost waist length.  Every time we would get rid of the little buggers, she would go to school and come home with another infestation.  Definitely save your money, it's not worth the investment.  The comb was great for killing the living bugs, but didn't do anything for removing the nits.  Our best method was to pinch the nit between the thumb nail and index finger and gently pull it down the hair shaft to remove it.  We were able to remove them all without cutting her hair.


  • Tue, Jan 8 2008 10:31 AM In reply to

    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    When I had lice when I was young, my mom did this:

     She washed my hair with regular shampoo and than put in a lot, very lot of conditioner and left it for about 5 minutes befor she started combing my hair with a regular comb to get out the knots. Than I hang my head on my chest and she combed it with a licecomb from the back of my head forward from left to right. After each turn she cleaned the comb on white kitchentowel. After doing that my hair was rinsed to get the conditioner out but left my hair very wet and she combed with a normal comb my hair backwards than again she combed my hair from left to right from the front downwards. Totally she combed for more than 15 minutes every second or third day for twweeks. After that the lice and nits were gone ( I also had very long hair)

    She also washed bedding pillows clothes etc very hot. And make sure jackets, scarves etc to put them in a very good closed plastic bag as lice like to walk from jacket to jacket.

    Hope this helps for you.

  • Sat, Feb 2 2008 2:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

    My two nieces have both fought the "nit" battle and the comb did work well for the youngest one, but you do have to use it twice a day, at least.

    My sister did use different things on their hair too. She used Olive Oil, and Mayonnaise, anything oily and when she put it on their hair, she made them wrap their hair up for at least 30 minutes with a big plastic bag to help to smother the bugs out. It did help too. Her most important thing she did was to clean everything daily, and when she didn't wash the bed clothes, she did run them thru the dryer daily, to kill the little buggers too.

    Good Luck!

    ...and may the Lord bless us, with all we need. AMEN
  • Sun, Feb 3 2008 1:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Do those expensive 'electric" combs to rid hair of nits work?

     Save your Money! I purchased one in desperation and it did NOT work. It would only catch the live large buggies and the little ones and the eggs got away scott free. We did the conditioner and shower cap combo 3 times a week for 3 weeks and that did the trick. Also to get rid of the nits we used a small pair of scisors and just cut the hair with the nit on it. My daughter has VERY thick waist length hair and this worked great. Washing in hot water and sealing up anything that can't be washed is a must. And don't over look things like the curtains. If they are long enough to lean against, they could be hiding there too.

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