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June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

Last post 06-25-2012 1:28 AM by mtviolet. 15 replies.
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  • 06-23-2012 8:06 AM

    June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    Good Morning, how are you stretching your $$$$$$ on this June weekend? Any shopping, gardening, picnics? Share your plans and how you will save some $$$$$, Babs
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  • 06-23-2012 8:11 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    Good Morning,It is beautiful at my house.  Sunny, 69! Perfect for a Saturday. We will go to the bank, breakfast at McD.  DH wants to pick up some things to decorate the house for July 4th. We will check at Walmart to see what they have to offer. IF nothing nice, we wil order on line.  While there, I will pick up cat food. We are low and I have been getting it at the grocery discount store. They are closing next week. So sad that they couldnt make enough money  to stay open.  They didnt advertise and I think that was part of their problem. Also were out of town so people with out cars had no way to shop there. Later, we pick up food at Farmers Market for church soup kitchen. Drop off and I will see if there is bread for next week. We get free bread everyday to give away. Big help for budget.  Teaching the preschoolers tomorrow so need to go over my lesson too. Busy day. Hope yours will be blessed and frugal, Babs
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  • 06-23-2012 9:39 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    It's beautiful here too, Babs!

    Will do some cleaning this morning and then off to my hair appointment at 12:30pm. After that, I may stop in a few stores to look for chaise lounge cushions.  I trash picked two really nice frames about 10 years ago, and need new cushions.  There's an outlet store nearby so that will be my first stop.

    I'd like to make a pot of my Italian Chicken today, have all the ingredients ready, but it may have to wait until tomorrow.   This sore throat is really bugging me so I don't really have much of an appetite...

    Church at 5:30PM and then home to watch a movie or just go to bed!

    Blessings to all!

    Susan in MI

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  • 06-23-2012 11:39 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    Overcast here with rain in the forecast. Should clear out by the time the IRL race starts at Iowa Speedway tonight. We've already run our errands and are now just hanging out at home. Got laundry going, one more load in the washer, three loads total. Will go visit DH's BFF the afternoon before we head out to Iowa Speedway. All food except for dinner from home today. Jill
  • 06-23-2012 12:17 PM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    Sue, I couldn't believe how expensive outdoor cushions are!  I was given a couple of pvc chairs with a small round glass top table a few years ago.  I made do with the old cushions a couple of seasons, then discarded them, so haven't been able to use the chairs for two years. I had hoped to get some last fall on clearance, but didn't have any luck with that, so I  decided to just bite the bullet and get new cushions last week.  I searched everywhere locally and online and the best I could do was some at Kmart on sale for $40 each (reg $50). They are nice thick ones, though, and are reversible so I can flip them when one side starts getting ratty.  I'll just do my best to take care of them and make them last.

    I was wondering if anyone had ever had luck sewing their own.  I may look around online and see if I can find any patterns and give it a shot for next time.  Haven't done much sewing, but was hoping to get into it a little now that I'm retired.

    western NC
  • 06-24-2012 12:53 AM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    my out door is red wood set that I have had for years  got them from the house in Texas  I sewed the covers ... to really know but I drew the patterns and they worked but with new home help                                                                                                                                                                                            


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  • 06-24-2012 9:04 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    My boards test is in two days, on Tuesday. I am studying but also took 5 of my girls to the pool yesterday, we have passes. Beautiful day, not many people there as it was overcast and a llittle chilly.

    Today taking everyone to Brave, to the matinee. And studying!

    We have been eating very easy to prepare food, mama is busy! Need to do some laundry and a little tidying today.

    My minister gave me some patio chairs, they are very nice.  I wonder if you could find cushions online that were cheaper, although I doubt it.  I also think the cost of materials, with the foam and the waterproof materail, would drive up the cost of making them.  Do they go on sale soon, as the summer goes by? I know you want them soon.  Just thinking maybe you could carry out some kind of cushion until the outdoor kind go on sale. Have you tried Pier 1?

  • 06-24-2012 9:31 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    Yeah Gayla!  Way to save $$!

    Today will be as busy as I want to make it.  Still feeing crummy from this sore thoat so will likely go to the doctors Monday or Tuesday.  I just feel so tired and dragged out.

    Plans - Toss 20 from the garage.  I really should pull everything out but it's supposed to rain and I can move things around easily.

    Powerwash my garbage picked lounge chairs and put on the new cushions that were not so frugal before it rains...if not today, tomorrow.

    Make Italian Chicken  and freeze for lunches.

    Reorganize freezer.

    Store dinnerware - I only need 8-10 place settings in my cupboard.

    Do a little gardening...cut back ivy and remove dead ivy from fence.

    Take some "me" time Wink

    A Blessed day to everyone!

    Susan in MI


    It's all about Love!
  • 06-24-2012 10:39 AM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    It's been a very quiet weekend; only $15 out, but do need to go get milk, fruit, and lettuce so maybe will do that later today. Spent yesterday in bed with migraine and a virus of some sort. There's a lot of stuff going around right now. Several coworkers have been out sick and DD is still on antibiotics for her sinus infection. Lots of cooties being shared! Have a bunch of leftover bananas from a work event that need to be frozen; they were cut in half so will peel before freezing. Will also pull out a loaf of banana nut bread from freezer for breakfast/snacks this week.
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  • 06-24-2012 2:38 PM In reply to

    Re: June 23 & 24 , Weekend $$$$$$ Stretching

    We didn't go to the race after all last night. It wasn't supposed to start until late, and it rained yesterday, which made the race start even later. Plus it would have been a muddy mess. DH's BFF has a birthday tomorrow that is being celebrated today, so will go over there later to visit for a while. Have to visit MIL today too. Not sure how she'll be this week. She's upset because FIL won't let her go home. What she doesn't understand is she's not ready to go home and it's unlikely she ever will be with her dementia. So could be an interesting visit. Jill
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