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Removing Car Window Tinting

Last post Mon, Apr 30 2012 8:40 PM by BargainBinge. 4 replies.
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  • Wed, Mar 9 2011 9:05 AM

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    Removing Car Window Tinting

    Jessica writes in about her car's tinted windows. She wants it removed but professionals are asking too much to do the job. Can you help?

    I'm in need of an economical and easy way to remove car window tinting. I have a tint job that is at least 10 years old and is bubbling and peeling away leaving a tint residue that is really unsafe for driving.
    I called local a tint business and they want to charge way too much to remove the tinting to my car windows for something I'm sure I could do with time and the right tools. What type of solvent could be easily used to remove the tinting? I know that I would have to extremely careful around the rear defrosters but what advise could someone give me to tackle this job?
    Thank you
    Jessica W.

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  • Wed, Mar 9 2011 2:13 PM In reply to

    Re: Removing Car Window Tinting

     Get a good clothing steamer with a large tank (kind of looks like a mini Shop Vac).  That will run you $20-30ish.  On a hot, sunny day, fill it up and start warming up the glue stuff on the tint paper.  GENTLY start pulling tint SLOWLY.  Remove residue from glass before it sets up again.

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  • Mon, Apr 4 2011 11:10 PM In reply to

    Re: Removing Car Window Tinting

    I've never tried to remove this myself, but I'd reach for the Goo-Gone first.  I haven't seen any sticky label it can't remove with a lot of patience.  Don't look for a miracle.  Just soak an edge with a qtip and peel it slowly, then soak/peel, etc.  I'm sure that's why the tinting place want's so much.  Can you imagine the amount of labor you'd be paying for? 

  • Mon, Apr 30 2012 6:46 PM In reply to

    • ubalvo77
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    Re: Removing Car Window Tinting

    Honestly. It's not worth removing tint yourself if you don't have experience. Yes, a lot of shops will charge $100 to remove a full sedan.  BUT, if you find a freelancer, often times they can do it for less than half that. I've done jobs for a large car window tinting company, so I think Im qualified to speak on the matter. to find a freelancer, go on a classifieds site. Im telling you, you can mess a lot of things up by trying to save a few dollars. Not only will you end up spending more than you would have originally, but youll spend a TON in the currency known as headache. Trust me!!
  • Mon, Apr 30 2012 8:40 PM In reply to

    Re: Removing Car Window Tinting

    I got in trouble with the police for having front/passanger and driver tinted windows that my car CAME with. I got pulled over and was given a citation for it. It was deemed fixable and I flipped out and had to go get the tint removed ASAP. My Mom knew a guy who could just scrap it off like anyone could. He did it for me and it did not damage the windows. He scraped it off with something like a paint scraper and used a product like Goo-Gone. It took maybe 2 hours with him and another guy helping. They cleanred it up nice too. No damage. If she has a guy friend or handy lady friend who feels confident in doing a job like that then I suggest she contact them and offer to pay them a set price for the one time job/gig. I think about half the amount the pros charge is a fair price. Someone who can GO SLOW and be PATIENT in the process will most likely not damage the windows. A race horse can go race another track because too much aggressive action would cause damage. Goodluck.

    Ps if no friend or referral is available then post an ad on Craigslist under the GIGS section. Responses will stack up.

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