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Frugal Beverages

Last post Thu, Feb 20 2014 2:17 PM by LifeofRiley. 61 replies.
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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 12:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

     Lightly sweetened tea here

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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 3:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    I do love a Pepsi sometimes!  Usually with Mexican food, love the fizz! 

    I only buy soda if there is a really good sale and that doesn't happen very often here.  Usually around holidays like July 4th or Memorial Day or something like that.

    Otherwise, we mostly drink water.  The kids have milk for breakfast and dinner but at lunch they usually have apple juice (100% juice watered down with half water). In the winter, I love  hot tea and in the summer, I always buy a huge can of Countrytime lemonade mix from Costco.  It usually runs about $6-$7 for the huge can and lasts us for many months.  I water that down for the kids too.  In the summer I also love iced tea, but have to admit that my tea choice is not frugal!  I buy a specialty brand that I absolutely love.  I don't drink iced tea in the winter much for some reason. I drink coffee every morning, which I also buy in bulk from Costco.

    But when I get those sale Pepsis, I sure do love them!

  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 4:02 PM In reply to

    • allie
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    Re: Frugal Beverages

    I drink coffee in the morning.  I like the Kroger Spotlight French Roast beans the best so spend under $4 for it.  Sometimes I have to resort to Eight O'Clock if I can't get to Kroger (hour away) so it's still under $6.

    Then I switch to water or lightly sweetened ice tea.  I got a good deal on tea a while back...100 bags for $2.50....one of these big bags makes one gallon.

    I drink the occasional Coca-Cola, Cheerwine, or Ale-8-1 (if SO gets them while in KY).  I especially like a pop with pizza, popcorn, boiled peanuts, or roasted, salted nuts.

    I do buy orange, grape, apple, or tomato juice when there is a good sale.  This week, I have had grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and a glass of tomato juice for lunch a couple of times.  :)

  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 5:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    Water for "casual" drinking.  I add lemon juice to tap water, filtered or not.  I still keep bottled water on hand; cheaper than stopping somewhere when we're on the go or need something on the way out the door.  Also great for soccer season.  I usually keep a couple extras on hand, too, for kids who forget their waters.

    Milk for mornings -- usually on cereal. 

    DD gets a juice box or pouch at lunch time. 

    Once a week, sometimes twice, I get a diet coke from the pop machine (not having a case around actually saves me from myself).

    Lightly sweetened tea OR the arizona green tea mix -- one of them is always on hand; in the summer we have tea in the fridge all the time. 

    DH has really cut back on his gatorade/soda drinking.  I used to spend $15 or $20 a week just on drinks, but now that's what I spend for the whole month most of the time -- HUGE improvement. 

    I always keep cranberry juice on hand for medicinal reasons.  If I get even an inkling of a bladder infection, I drink two glasses straight away along with lots of water.  I'll then drink a glass every day for a week.  Even if I purchased the brand name, not-on-sale brand, it's cheaper than a trip to the doctor, that's for sure!

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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 6:41 PM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: Frugal Beverages

    my kids love Tea and Lemonade mix about 50/50 I dont  drink but they make it by the gallons .


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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 9:28 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    Mostly I drink coffee and water.  I do like iced tea with lemon, but sort of take it by spells; I'll make and drink it (Lipton) several days in a row, then not again for a week or longer. Never thought I'd like instant tea, but someone gave me a canister of the tea mix with lemon from Aldi and it is surprisingly good, so I've started keeping that on hand as well.  I rarely drink sodas.

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  • Wed, Mar 2 2011 11:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    cold coffee with a flavored cream and ice cubes in it and lots of flavored ice tea with different fruit in it like lemon that is one and cream and ice in it too thats another one.

    Milk shake I use soy yugart fruit and another fruit to go with it smoothie I had to do that for my dh at the time to keep his strenth up he didn't eat or hardly eat so he like that cold and it felt good going done the the pipe going to the tummy.=)

  • Thu, Mar 3 2011 3:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    Lot of water at our house. Sometimes with lemon, or a splash of fruit juice fora flavor change.  I am not much into diet sweeteners.  I would rather just cut the sugar amount. During the summer I mix up Kool-aid lemonade with 2/3 cup sugar instead of a cup. DH drinks a lot of juice & Gatorade because of his stomach issues.  I try to drink a reasonable amount of milk, which is easy in the winter as hot cocoa, but harder in the summer for me.

    Neither of us drink coffee or tea as a religious tenet, so those are out for us.

  • Thu, Mar 3 2011 9:09 AM In reply to

    • babs
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    Re: Frugal Beverages

    I wll add that we make homemade raspberry and balckberry juice from our berries. If we have enough grapes, we do that too. Last fall, we made apple cider at a friends. You have to freeze it to store. Works nice, Babs

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  • Thu, Mar 3 2011 11:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Frugal Beverages

    Last fall, we made apple cider at a friends. You have to freeze it to store. Works nice, Babs

    That sounds delicious, Babs!

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