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Baby Bargains

Last post Wed, Feb 16 2011 10:21 AM by slk2042. 4 replies.
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  • Tue, Feb 15 2011 5:41 PM

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    Baby Bargains

     Babies can be an expense but they can be so much fun as well. What are some of the best deals you have made in bargain hunting for baby items?


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  • Wed, Feb 16 2011 5:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Baby Bargains

    I haven't had to hunt for baby items for years.  I think it's the same across the board though as other shopping.  First, put out the word that you need stuff; anyone who has had a baby in the last 3 years usually has stuff in their house.  Second, check out freecycle, craigslist, ads in the paper, etc.  Use caution if you go to meet someone or to check out an item; I never went alone when I did this.  Third, check thrift stores.  Fourth, don't get stuff you don't need.  I paid less than $100 for all the stuff I had for DD when she was born b/c I used lots of methods to acquire what I needed, but I still had stuff that I didn't need or use.  Fifth, after you've had a baby shower, if there is one, then you go and get what you need that you still don't have.

    Use caution with items you are given.  If you don't think it's safe, don't feel bad about getting something that makes you feel more comfortable.

    When I think back to DD as a baby, the stuff I needed (truly needed) fit in the diaper bag.  I had a changing pad, diapers, a few wipes, a binky, 2 nursing accessories, 2 changes of clothes, 2 toys/books.  The only thing that didn't fit was my pump!  LOL  That was a necessity for me b/c I worked full-time, but wanted to nurse; it was my compromise.  We had a crib, but didn't use it until DD was almost 4 months old.

    One tip a friend gave me that worked so well was to buy diapers (if you're not using cloth) every time you shop -- around twice a month -- from the start of the 2nd trimester.  She told me to focus on sizes 2 & 3 b/c a lot of babies are in and out of size 1 or newborn really fast.  She was so right on this.  When DD was born I had 8 boxes of diapers, I think.  1 newborn, 1 size 1, several of each sizes 2 & 3.  I did not worry the few months about diapers, which was a huge blessing.

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  • Wed, Feb 16 2011 7:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Baby Bargains

     We had 2 house payments when #1 was "cooking".  We dug through sofa cushions and car floorboards to find pennies to roll.  Most of our "non safety" items were bought with these pennies at garage sales.  Grandparents and friends combined forces to get us the carseats and bed.

    I ran across a deal online.  One of the kids still needs nightime protection.  Amazon has a special deal for Moms where you can have consumables (diapers/nightimes) sent on a regular schedule.  We are paying 1/2 what we were by doing this.  Plus, we don't risk being seen at the store buying "nighttimes".   I so wish this deal was around when I had 3 in diapers.

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  • Wed, Feb 16 2011 10:01 AM In reply to

    Re: Baby Bargains

    I agree that putting the word out to friends and family that you are willing and grateful for any baby items is a huge way to save money. We received so many donated things that we often had doubles of very nice things (strollers and exo-saucers, for example). We also put out the word that we were ok with borrowing and returning items (like our crib borrowed from sister in law and baby swing from a friend). People are generous and even more so if they know they may get something back in great condition to use for their next baby.

    For things that need to be new, like car seats (unless you are 100% certain it has never been compromised in an accident), we relied on our baby shower with DS #1 and got 2 nice car seats. Recently, with DD birth a year ago, we did the Toys R Us trade in. We took our old carseats (2 that were over 6 years old) to Toys R Us during the promo time and we received 25% off another car seat. So we were able to properly dispose of our old car seats that may not have been safe and save money on two new car seats that will last baby girl until she no longer needs a car seat. Each state is different, but our hospital checked our car seat expiration date (they all have them) and did let us take DD home in a car seat that was almost 6 years old. But cautioned us about using a car seat over six years old. FYI, Straps weaken from spills from milk/formula and baby spit up and general wear and tear, plastic and molding can become brittle in harsh climate changes like we have in Nebraska (120 F in a car in summer to -40 F in winter). We have decided that this is one area where we really want new for the safety aspect.

    For diapers, I started purchasing cloth when I was about 5 months pregnant and comparisoned shopped online quite a bit. I had several different styles and found what worked/didn't with DS #1 so when pregnant with DS#2, I sold the ones that didn't work and bought more of the kind that did work for me. By buying a little at a time, my budget wasn't crushed. We use disposables at daycare so I also bought several boxes ahead of time prior to the birth. I agree with a PP that buying more size 3 is best as that is the size a baby is in that size longest. 

    I splurged on a bre**t pump almost 7 years ago and it hasn't failed me yet! That was another thing I bought brand new for the hygiene aspect.

  • Wed, Feb 16 2011 10:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Baby Bargains

    Our town has a really great second-hand kids' store. You can buy just about anything for babies and young children, from potty seats, toys, cradles, cribs, swings, etc. They used to sell clothes, but they don't anymore. That place is GREAT, because they only take gently used items, so all the merchandise is still very clean and serviceable.

    We were blessed to receive a lot of hand-me-down clothes from families in our church that had little boys slightly older than my boys.

    Ditto on size 3 diapers. Buy those in bulk, LOL! My 2 yr. old could still technically wear size 3s, though he seems more comfortable in size 4s right now. Our 8 month old is wearing size 3s too. In an emergency, we just use size 3s for both kids.


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The Dollar Stretcher has a new community!

Feel free to read the great frugal living tips, ideas and discussions readers and community members have posted here. But if you'd like to post something or start a discussion, please click here to go over to our new community site and create an account.

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