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Cheap Date

Last post Sun, Dec 11 2011 8:13 PM by cheapChic. 30 replies.
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  • Wed, Aug 18 2010 1:33 PM

    • Brandy
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    Cheap Date

    I rememer a time when calling someone a "cheap date" was not a positive statement. In today's society with costs sky rocketing and people struggling, is spending less on a date viewed more favorably?

    Would you be a cheap date? Could you have fun on a cheap date?


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  • Wed, Aug 18 2010 2:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    When DH and I were dating 20 years ago, I purposefully tried to keep our dates frugal. We'd pack a picnic, walk on the beach, go to a carnival, or eat at Taco Bell. I knew he wasn't rich, and neither was I. I didn't want him to think I was "high maintenance."


  • Wed, Aug 18 2010 6:37 PM In reply to

    • MarthaMFI
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    Re: Cheap Date

    I think you need to be more creative with a frugal date.   There is still people out there who are "cheap" dates :)   I think it should be called frugal dates. 

    dh and I kinda have frugal dates. still need babysitting so its harder.  but use movie and meal coupons for cheaper dates. we do like hanging out at home alone but that means getting rid of all kids and our homestay student bedroom is right under ours and he rarely leaves it!  when he is here.

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  • Thu, Aug 19 2010 3:32 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    Our favorite romantic times have always been things that we *did* together, instead of just going someplace to be entertained.

    1) We love playing board and card games (our selection is more Settlers of Catan and much less Uno).We play with just each other or with my adult siblings.

    2) Sometimes we bake cookies, or make up a HUGE batch of stovetop popcorn and watch old movies. We have a tradition of prefacing movies with our rendition of the 20th Century Fox introduction music, even if it's not a Fox movie.

    3) Reading aloud to each other. We alternate who gets to choose books. We've shared many books this way: The Hobbit, Snowcrash, Cryptonomicon, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlas Shrugged. Often he'll read to me while I'm doing something fiddly, like sorting coupons, folding laundry, crocheting, or cooking.

    4) We used to have a long commute together, and he used to take his camera along to take pictures of skyscapes. He gets really excited about skyscapes and I loved watching his enthusiasm. We have hundreds of stunning digital photos of interesting clouds, sunsets, rainbows, thunderstorms, bird flock formations, phases of the moon - you name it!

    Like in all frugal activities, it sometimes takes more imagination to do things frugally, but how much more memorable and fun!


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  • Thu, Aug 19 2010 8:17 PM In reply to

    • kb999999
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    Re: Cheap Date

     Hi ... one of our favorites is to go get an icecream cone and then window-shop. Great exercize, together time and see what things places are trying to sell for how much.

  • Thu, Aug 19 2010 8:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    We have a tradition of prefacing movies with our rendition of the 20th Century Fox introduction music

    So does our family! (But it's only for the 20th Century Fox movies.)


  • Thu, Aug 19 2010 8:45 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    Ok if I date I'd be happy to go for a sunday drive deep country here in washington the back roads those are fun have a picnic then go for a hike then go to mickie d's for a date the ride those I like you can take the memories with you but mickie d's leaves a bad taste in my mouth prefer a and w instead.

  • Sat, Oct 2 2010 9:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    My best friend who was a guy & I use to laugh at people who spent so much money doing things...

    Love thift store shopping/Grab pizza for 2 for under $10.00 reading books while we ate & chatted!!


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  • Sat, Oct 2 2010 10:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Date

    I only had one date a couple years ago we are friends only but micky D's and a walk on the beach in tacoma on rustin way near where sissy lives its cool out there they also had summer time concerts out there.

  • Thu, Oct 7 2010 8:40 PM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: Cheap Date

    it drives our kids nuts but he and I will get dressed in our fancy close and go to a small place he have coffee and maybe pie and I have a cup of hot tea . we sit a talk for about a hour ...  then we come home they are sure we have a deep dark secret , but that all it is .

    really cheap nights when it nuts and we cant get a way I grad my water bottle he graps a thermos and we got up the mountain and watch the sun set or look at stars ....



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