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what cooking pans are best?

Last post Thu, Apr 22 2010 10:49 AM by Juneflower. 19 replies.
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  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 10:50 AM

    what cooking pans are best?

    I like cast iron but there are foods such as eggs, potatoes that get stuck to the bottom and ruined.

    Teflon wears out but they cook well.

    Aluminum: I just bought a set at Costco.  I am about to return them.  Hard to clean and they get stained with any heat.  They take longer than teflon to heat up.


    What is your favorite? 

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 10:56 AM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

    I like stainless steel. I have a set of Cuisinart that Mom got for under $100.00. Mine cost less than All-Clad which is very nice.

    I have a 4.5 round oven by All-Clad and I like it very much.

    I can't use cast iron on my stovetop, but I do like it.

    Years ago I had Corning Visions and I used them on a gas stove.

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 11:03 AM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

    I'm in LOOOOOVVVVEEEE with my stainless stell pots and pans from Cooks (JC Penny brand, I think).  of course it could be becuase they are the first set that I took out of the box. Big Smile

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 11:04 AM In reply to

    • Pat
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    Re: what cooking pans are best?

     I  use cast iron for almost everything and don't have a problem with things sticking. I think they longer they're used, the better they are. Most of mine are very old, so I haven't had to worry about seasoning them, but for the new ones, it takes a long while to get them seasoned enough. 

    I have a few stainless steel pots and some glass baking dishes, but I prefer cast iron. 

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  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 11:23 AM In reply to

    • Edey
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    Re: what cooking pans are best?

     I use mostly cast iron and have a couple of teflon. For eggs always teflon, because even though my cast-iron is quite old I still can't get good eggs with it. This may be more my wrong technique of cooking, I don't know. Possibly I don't use enough oil in the pan when cooking them. I'm still trying to get away from the "cooking with fat" paranoia that has been so prominent the last few decades. 

    Meats, soups and stews are cooked in cast iron, tomato sauce dishes like spaghetti are cooked in teflon, because I don't like the taste of the tomato sauce in the cast iron. Tortillas are best heated on a cast-iron grill. Pancakes and french toast are good on cast iron. 

    Cast iron can also be used easily over a camp fire or even a barbeque with briquets. 

    The waste with teflon is that once the coating is damaged the whole pan is useless.  I've had to throw out some really sturdy frying pans because of it. Now if someone could think of a way to re-surface a teflon pan for a small fee, that might be a good thing. 

    With good care, cast iron will last many lifetimes, and can be passed down to the next generation. 

    Think of a worst case scenario: if you had to cook outdoors over a fire pit due to some kind of natural disaster, cast iron would be the cooking equipment that would serve you best. 


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  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 7:53 PM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

    When I used to "cook" still living at my parents' home ~ they had RevereWare Stainless Steel, with copper bottoms!  I remember always having to clean that darn copper! 

    So...............when I was on my own, I got Farber (spelling?) stainless steel and never had a problem. 

    I know as gifts, I did get ceramic-covered cast iron stuff...the tags are still on them after 40 years, so I don't know if they're good nor bad; nor do I know if they are still in production????????????????????

    Aluminum?  I was under the impression that that metal emits something that isn't that great!  For pans you only use once in a great while, they should be fine, but for everyday use, I wouldn't!


  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 8:14 PM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

    Uhhh would a mix of pans work Im a thrift shop down in the cuboard teflon I use for the eggs and hash along with potatoes and rice and cast iron one cast iron gridle but all others are mix and match me my old cooking pots and pans whrer one cast iron and rever wear that had a copper bottem they are in my secound storage shed the firast one was nick nacks all thrown away dad won't hold a yard sale hee said we don't need the money but turns around he sells on ebay do as I say not as I do he says.

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 8:53 PM In reply to

    • kb999999
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    Re: what cooking pans are best?

     HI ... seems each person has their own preference. Hubby just loves cast iron, uses for everything, well-used and loved a long time. Too heavy for me, so coated like 'wearever' brand works great for me. My mom loves the ceramic pan sets, while one of my daughter loves the steel pans (non-stick). Guess it just depends on what your cooking.   

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 9:42 PM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

     When I cooked, used cast iron skillets ( cannot be beat) and heavy, restaurant-quality stainless for other cooking on stovetop. For baking and casseroles,  Anchor Hocking or Pyrex glass.

    I tried Teflon, but it wore off, and I could not find pans heavy enough.

  • Wed, Apr 14 2010 9:54 PM In reply to

    Re: what cooking pans are best?

    I had cast iron a couple times and hated it. Nasty, rusty stuff. Even when I dried it in the oven.

     I have some stainless revere ware that's over 40 years old. Love it!! In addition to that I use one small teflon pan for eggs and grilled cheese.




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