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10 Minute Clean Up Trick

Last post Mon, Apr 5 2010 8:24 AM by Brandy. 10 replies.
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  • Tue, Mar 23 2010 11:50 AM

    • Brandy
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    10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    "Whoever thought you'd be able to get organized in just 10 minutes?! Here are a few simple ideas"

    Read 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    Do you have other tricks you use to clean up quick or to do things in small steps?


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  • Tue, Mar 23 2010 11:23 PM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    When I look at a room with very limited time, I tackle the most visible eyesore first. AM
  • Wed, Mar 24 2010 12:21 AM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    lite stretching like the legs and arms before getting out of the bed try to touch your toes my x hubby has to do this the dr. recomend this so he does this for years to get the blood flowing then fix your bed like make it pick up clothes from the floor and smeely socks to stuff them all in the hamper then go check if the living room and dinning room looks ok if not just pick up whats on the floor and that what makes the house ok in ten miniutes just before you get out of the bed do that and do things in the morning for ten minutes of clean up then the rest of the day noooo problem...

    Yeah Im the one to talk i get threatened every month to declutter my room or that they gonna put a bom in there and blow it to the moon have at it mom...:)-

  • Mon, Mar 29 2010 2:35 PM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    I do this with DD to help keep her room neater.  I set a timer for 5 minutes and I help her get everything back into it's proper place. I also iron clothing for about 10 minutes on weekday mornings before waking DH for his shower.  You can get a few pieces done in 10 minutes.

  • Mon, Mar 29 2010 4:33 PM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    I get up in the morning put my coffee on then go make the bed with the coffee is making,keep all dirty clothes in a laundry basket, make sure all dishes are cleaned and put away the night before and if I can't sleep at night will get up and pickup anything that needs to be picked up if anything then hopefully go back to sleep.

  • Tue, Mar 30 2010 12:37 PM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    I'm working on my fiance' to be on this... the 10 minute cleanup at night. I do cut him some slack when he's had a busy day at work on some of it...

    When I was there, I spent about a week organizing and cleaning his place (he's too much of a bachelor who isn't a big cleaner, never has been)... and he knows how sore I was after all of it was done. I sent him a chore list which I think does help. It also states on there... "things that need to be done" (so I'm not sore). Got him caught up pretty much on dishes... washing them at least, not sure on him putting away, but can't change a man overnight, can you? I have the chore listed on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. In the two weeks since I've been gone, he's been doing pretty good, though somethings are falling behind. 

    Even his family is amazed on how things are! (and I think thankful that I am around to get him to do things) Smile


    Embarrassed I will say that I'm now slacking on this... but I am in the midst of organizing and packing things up for rummage sale/moving. I will be much better once moved!

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  • Wed, Mar 31 2010 12:35 AM In reply to

    • MarthaMFI
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    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    lol that is the story of me doing housework!   its amazing what you can get done in 10mins.  I try not to have more then a 10min mess with the kids around because it can go downhill fast...

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  • Wed, Mar 31 2010 2:53 AM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

    Mom told me a long time ago to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher so the sink looked clean. Dirty dishes in the sink make a kitchen look bad.

    The other trick Mom taught me was to keep the parlor neat and dusted for company as well as keeping the downstairs bathroom clean 24./7. She said that i could close the doors to the living room and not let anyone go upstairs where the bedrooms are located.

    Also, if you keep vanilla Renuzit solids in the house it smells clean if you don't have time to bake cooks or bread. Baking makes a house smell yummy.

  • Wed, Mar 31 2010 8:42 AM In reply to

    • Zeus
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    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

     I know that when the tile floors need to be vacummed or mopped, but I don't have time that day, I'll quickly go around the edge of the room and just wipe up the dust/fur balls that migrate to the perimeter. Yes, the kitties do shed more this time of year it seems, but at least their able to go outside a lot more now as temps warm up. It instanly makes a room look so much better and cleaner.

  • Sun, Apr 4 2010 11:14 PM In reply to

    Re: 10 Minute Clean Up Trick

     my favorite method is "put like things together."  round up all the newspapers in one pile, get all the coffee mugs and glasses near the sink, put the shoes near the door, put the coats and sweaters on the rack, mail on the desk, etc., etc.

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