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I need a frugal solution for dry hair

Last post Mon, Jun 14 2010 1:37 PM by 2ndGenGranola. 24 replies.
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  • Mon, Mar 30 2009 7:11 AM

    • lynn
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    I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    I have long hair and for some reason it has gotten very dry and split ...cutting it off isn`t an option lol ..but I need another solution that doesn`t cost 12.00 !!! I looked at Walmart yesterday for a leave in conditioner and the only one that looked like it would work was $12. I can`t/won`t pay that ....does anyone have a frugal answer to this problem ? Thanks for your help .


  • Mon, Mar 30 2009 8:23 AM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

     That is easy

    1.  quit using shampoo - shampoo strips the hair and scalp of its much needed oil.  The body tries to "repair" the damage by producing extra oil (why some claim they cannot skip shampoo days) in the scalp but leaving damaged hair.  I "weaned" my scalp to baking soda.  I started alternating shampoo days with baking soda days.  When it settled in I would add an extra baking soda day in between until my head did ok with no shampoo.  I now only need to gently scrub the scalp with water and use baking soda only as needed.  My scalp stays much cleaner, I don't get oilies and my hair is much better.  If I use any treatments on my hair, I will add a pea size amount of olive oil with my baking soda.

     2. use coconut oil or olive oils on the ends -  I apply it to my hands then pat on the ends of my hair.  My hair is shorter now so I don't need it as often but it was great when my hair was longer (coconut oil esp)

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  • Mon, Mar 30 2009 11:42 AM In reply to

    • Pat
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    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

     I second using olive oil. I have long hair, too, and it tends to be static-y in the winter, even with a humidifier. Almost any kind of oil will work, but olive oil is lighter and won't weigh your hair down. However, if the ends of your hair are split, they need to be trimmed to prevent the splits from traveling farther up the hair shaft. 

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  • Mon, Mar 30 2009 12:10 PM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    my hair long and I use shampoo 1/3 shampoo and 2/3 water  I put 1/4 cup  of conditioner in spray bottle and fill it up with water I spray on and let my hair dry ..  strange I know but it works for my hair ... 


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  • Tue, Mar 31 2009 12:47 AM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair


    I used to have very long hair too. I had to get the split ends cut so they would not travel up the hair shaft.

    Have you tried any of the oil treatments you leave in for a few hours and then wash out?

    Olive oil can be used that way, too, not as expensive as hair products. You put the oil on your hair and wrap your head in a hot towel ( or maybe hot and wet, I am not sure), then wash it out. You could Google then exact method.

    Other: Are you getting enough oil (Omega 3's, not the saturated kind) in your diet? Is your skin dry, too? And are you shampooing too often, maybe?

    I'm assuming you don't color your hair. I did that once, when mine was long, and it was awfully dried and ruined the hair.

  • Tue, Mar 31 2009 2:06 AM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    This is the site I use for my haircare products.


    I hope the link works, if not I hope copy paste does lol


  • Tue, Mar 31 2009 4:50 AM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    I'd get a good trim for your hair. The splits won't go away until you trim them off. The trim will be good for your hair and will get rid of dead ends that tend to split.  Then I'd do hot oil treatments. I'd use a conditioner like balsam on your hair also.

    I used to have split ends and dry hair......especially when I tried to grow it out. It's easier for me to keep my hair short plus I keep split ends at bay.

    I'd use olive oil on your hair. I'd wash your hair, dry it off, put some olive oil on your hair and comb it through the hair shaft, and cover your head with a hot wet towel. Let it stay on your head for about 20 minutes. Wash put the oil and use a conditioning rinse.

    Best of luck !

  • Tue, Mar 31 2009 6:40 PM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    I use a regular conditioner from the Dollar Store on my long hair and simply leave it on.  Check to see which one has the least alcohol in it. Don't use Clairol Condition in the jar because it makes your hair stiff.

    You can use oil on the ends if it doesn't break your face out.  

  • Sun, Apr 5 2009 9:44 PM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    Hi Lynn....May I suggest that you purchase a bottle of olive oil from the grocery store.  Apply it to all of your long hair then place a plastic bag or shower cap on your head securing with a clip or clothespin.   Leave this on for 30 minutes and shampoo out.  It is amazing how it helps dry hair.  Hope this helps.



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  • Sun, Apr 5 2009 10:09 PM In reply to

    Re: I need a frugal solution for dry hair

    use olive oil for a hot oil treatment in you hair the option is cutting it abit there is no cure in split ends it tood me 20 years to get mine waist lenghth not like my sister in tacoma she bleaches  it as soon as she sees the gray hair and she damaged her hair she cuts hers herself it looks bad her doing it I guess I will take her to the great clips again.

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