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Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

Last post Sun, Nov 7 2010 3:23 PM by slk2042. 12 replies.
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  • Thu, Mar 19 2009 6:46 PM

    Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    Today I went to the bakery thrift store, something I don't do as often as I should. When I was there, I stocked up with the following:

    3 packages Cinnamon Raisin Bagels (DD likes these for breakfast), 2 packages English Muffins, 2 loaves Whole Grain Bread, 2 loaves 100% Whole Wheat Bread, 1 package Hot Dog Buns, 1 package Hamburger Buns,1 loaf Cranberry Swirl Bread, 1 box Vanilla Wafers, 1 package of Fig Newtons, and 1 package of Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies.

    I received a 10% military discount, so my grand total for all of this was only $20.52. Lucky I have room in my freezer to store it all!


  • Thu, Mar 19 2009 6:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    Wow wish there were a thrift bakery where I live.

  • Thu, Mar 19 2009 6:59 PM In reply to

    • sammiejo
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    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

     We have one here but they are not a bargain its gone up since the last time i was in there.

    Michelle Furr
  • Fri, Mar 20 2009 12:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

     I have a Flowers and a Marita bread stores in my town. Flowers isn't so cheap. They have clearance tables in the center of the store but you have to go every day and be there first thing to get anything good. The Marita store has good deals on bread and snacks every day. I spend about $10 for 2 weeks of bread and snacks.


  • Fri, Mar 20 2009 12:52 AM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    I wish that was Bakery store here . it would help so much.


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  • Fri, Mar 20 2009 10:22 AM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    What a great haul!  We don't have a real bakery thrift store here, but there is Big Lot's and a regional closeout grocery called GO.  I use Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread and I can get it at either place for $1.19 (more than half off supermarket prices).  GO also has lots of variety breads for the same price, as well as Thomas English muffins, sandwich buns, and some Weight Watcher's products.  The selection varies, though, so you can't be sure what you'll find there on any given day. Once I really hit it lucky and got a big restaurant bag of 24 dark honey wheat 6" table loaves; that was before this last price increase when the price was still $.99. Never found that again, though.

    western NC
  • Fri, Mar 20 2009 12:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

     We used to have Rainbo Bread stores that were great, but they closed up/sold out to Sara Lee.  There is only ONE Sara Lee, but it is great!  There prices have gone up recently but they are still SO much cheaper than the grocery store.

    I don't go as often as I used to because I  started baking all my own bread about 6 months ago.  But I still and buy wheat hot dog and  hamburger buns and freeze them.



  • Mon, Apr 20 2009 10:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    I WORK at a Flowers Bakery Thrift store.  It is NOT a good of a deal as you may think.  You should see the trucks and the back warehouse where the "day old" bread is stored.  The employees hands are filthy and the warehouse is nasty.  Many times things have mold on them.  When the cashier is checking a customer out, they change the price hoping you will not notice.  Receipts are ONLY given upon request.  That is why.

     At times, holes are poked into the end of the loaf of bread.  That is to keep people from eating the "hog-feed"

     The store at which I work, has not been cleaned in months.  Just be aware.

  • Mon, Apr 20 2009 10:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    Oh Sherrilx,

    Blech! Thanks for the heads up. Thankfully, all the prices in my thrift store are clearly marked, and I always get a receipt. I've never had a problem with my store. (Is Flowers corporately owned, or franchised?) Either way, I'll be more aware.


  • Mon, Apr 20 2009 11:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Flowers Bakery Thrift Store

    There used to be a bread outlet in NN that Mom & I went to for a while. The breads, etc., were like Sherrix described. We quit going there. Finally it closed.

    I don't go to the Flowers Outlet in my county. I don't like molded bread.

    Besides, I'm a bread snob. I only like Pepperidge Farm or Arnold Bread if I don't make it myself.

    I keep frozen Rhoads bread in the freezer for emergencies.

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