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Organising Recipes

Last post Sun, Apr 19 2009 7:46 PM by Loves to Sew. 19 replies.
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  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 8:04 PM

    • Brandy
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    Organising Recipes

    Perhaps Grandmother sribbled her recipes on paper and tucked them into a box, Mom carefully typed hers on cards and filed them into plastic boxes while we have programs we can enter the information into. 

    Do you prefer to see handwritten recipes that may now be considered treasured vintage pieces or become such or is your preference for something more modern that is crisp and organised? Tell us how you organise those recipes.


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  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 8:21 PM In reply to

    • Pat
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    Re: Organising Recipes

     I keep a lot of recipes on the computer, in a folder called "Recipes" (of all things!) and let the computer organize them alphabetically. When I want to actually use one of them, though, I copy it off longhand to a recipe (index) card and put it in a recipe box I made from plastic canvas long ago where they are sorted again alphabetically. 

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  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 9:45 PM In reply to

    • AmyC
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    Re: Organising Recipes

     I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw this post!!!  Weopened Christmas gifts early because of family activities on Christmas day and I got a recipe keeper.  DH found it at Costco fo $12 and I love it.  Its just a binder, but it has blank paper for printing recipes, tab dividers with pockets that seperate different catagories, and sheet protectors that are sized to hold index/recipe cards.  It also has a section of kitchen tips like substitutions and spice pairings, wine pairings and the like.  Its really nifty.  I might be able to get all the recipes in one place now.


  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 9:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Organising Recipes

    I am making my own cookbood out of a 3 ring binder and sheet protector sheets.  I just go on the internet and print the recipes I want and file it in the binder.

  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 10:39 PM In reply to

    • Brandy
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    Re: Organising Recipes

    Weopened Christmas gifts early because of family activities on Christmas day and I got a recipe keeper

    That sounds like a very nice gift.

    Mom put one together for my brother and I have one she has partially done. I need pockets though to tuck those recipes I find here and there until I can get them printed or written out.


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  • Wed, Dec 24 2008 6:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Organising Recipes

    Mine are not organized to be honest!!  I have cookbooks which I love, I use allrecipes and have a huge online recipe box with them, then tons of handwritten ones on notecards.

    Some of those programs are neat but require a lot of data entry.  I like the sound of the binders, like Amy's new one.  Sounds very professional!!

  • Wed, Dec 24 2008 6:46 PM In reply to

    • Kim_150
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    Re: Organising Recipes

    I have the same system, with a three-ring binder and sheet protectors. I print some recipes on full pages of paper, and then there is always room to paste others clipped from magazines or scribbled on a note card.

    It's divided up into breakfast, meat, vegetables, baking, misc, and canning. 

  • Wed, Dec 24 2008 9:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Organising Recipes

    Dear ALl, I RARELY take recipes off e-letters that I receive, & I NEVER go to recipe websites except for the Food Stamps one.  If I do take a recipe from teh Net, I treat its print-out like all my other recipes.  I have a 4", very heavy Recipe binder.  The categories ARe:

    hints & menus










    meat (left-over from when I ate meat)

    poultry (ditto, re eating at home)


    fruit/veggie combos

    veggie salads

    veggies in alpha order


    tofu entrees

    vegan entrees


    sauces & dips.

    Also, I mark up my cookbooks with changes that I prefer.  On the front leaf, I write recipes (& their pages) that I find excellent.  On top of other recipes, I write "very good" or "fair," just so that I know.

    Finally, WHole Foods gives out recipe cards, & when I was on a Thrift Tour fo the store, they gave out card boxes.  So I save selected recipe cards, too.

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  • Thu, Dec 25 2008 11:25 AM In reply to

    • Edey
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    Re: Organising Recipes

    I had an kind of unusual way of having my most used recipes handy; they were taped to the inside of my cupboard doors, and when I ran out of room there they went onto the front of the cupboard doors so they were easily visible as I needed them. I had recipes like pie crust, biscuits, Jello Cool Whip pie, oatmeal cookies, bread, streusal topping for desserts, fruit crisp topping, directions for oatmeal, minute rice and instant potatoes,  all on the doors. That way they didn't get lost in a drawer or box. But we painted last month and they haven't found their place back up on the cupboards again, YET!  Edey

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  • Thu, Dec 25 2008 8:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Organising Recipes

    I have a small recipe binder, but I took out the tabs -- to constricting for me!  So it's just pages of the recipes.  The cookie recipes I have from my great great grandmother were given to me by my mom who put them on 3x5 cards for me; I later put them in this binder as the cards kept getting stuck in weird places.

    Recipes found online get tested and then placed in a magnetic "locker caddy" (thank you dollar tree) on my fridge.  If I make the recipe several times, I will transfer it to my recipe binder.  I've already made the peach cobbler I got online twice and I doubt it will be going anywhere anytime soon!  Also, similar to Edey, but when it's a new recipe, I tape it on the cabinet door where I'm working.  I just find this much easier to keep me focused.  I take it down when I'm done though and drop it in my locker caddy.

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