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School fundraisers

Last post Fri, Nov 21 2008 2:32 PM by goldenblaise. 16 replies.
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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 9:48 AM

    • Pat
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    School fundraisers

    For those of you who have or know children in school, which fundraisers do you contribute to? All of them??? Or do you pick and choose which ones are important to you?

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 9:55 AM In reply to

    Re: School fundraisers

    No kids here, but do buy some things.  I always buy cheese, GS cookies and BS popcorn.  I'm allergic to chocolate, so don't buy that.  Have bought an occassional candle, cards, gift wrap but the last two don't seem to have wide appeal these days.

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 11:17 AM In reply to

    • Edey
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    Re: School fundraisers

    As far as a company to deal with, the worst was the magazine drive company(s). The magazine subscriptions don't start until months later, customers lose their receipts but know they should be getting a magazine, and the company(s) is almost unresponsive on customer complaints. The school organization or club handles all the checks and money, depositing the funds then paying the company a percentage for the orders, keeping the difference. But when problems start rolling in 3 or 4 months later, all there is an 800 number for the company to resolve those problems. Customers don't understand, it's a school activity, therefore the school should solve the problem or refund the money.

    The frozen cookie dough/pizza crust/soup type fundraisers caused headaches because people wouldn't come pick it up on the day it was delivered or their student couldn't get it home safely. It was a good product, mostly, just not practical, IMO, due to the freezing process.

    The easiest fundraisers were the candy bars. Students were limited to check out one box at a time, unless an adult paid up front when they wanted to purchase a larger amount. There were no orders to deal with, and only the pay envelope to reconcile later.

    The wrapping paper fundraiser was always popular - however this dwindled as the years went by, due to the cost of the supplies offered and limited choice in the types of paper.

    If you don't want to participate in a fundraiser but want to contribute, you can just make a donation to the sponsoring group or club. That is the easiest choice of all. Edey

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 11:37 AM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: School fundraisers

    here the kids sell coupon books we buy those we are a company so we buy several  because our kids were and are Homeschool this has never been an issue for Us .. the High school just calls I send a check  ...


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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 11:58 AM In reply to

    Re: School fundraisers

    Here there's another fund raiser every couple months the kids sell coupon books, chocolates, candles and gift wrap to name a few. I've gotten so I don't encourage the dks to do more than one fund raiser a year people here have limited income before we landed in this recession and going back to them every couple months to fund raise yet again can make matter worse for someone who want to help but can barley make ends meet.

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 12:25 PM In reply to

    • Toni B.
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    Re: School fundraisers

    Geez, I remember thsoe days I had to sell chocolate candy bars in 90 degree heat (S. Calif) for fundraising. I usually sold everything but looking back, it had to be "pity sales" rather my ability to move merchandise. I'm selective about what I buy and contribute to. No magazines because for me its wasted paper. Its become overwhelming when schools, sports and clubs all flood the area at the same time. I feel sorry for the parents when they have two or more kids trying to sell stuff.
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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 8:09 PM In reply to

    Re: School fundraisers

    In our district, there are two types of fundraisers, those conducted by the school itself and those conducted by each school's Parent Teacher Committee which uses the money to buy things for the school.  Each school is different but generally the school does 2-3 fundraisers a year total (often it's just 2).  The PTC's are extremely variable-one school I know of, the PTC does a fundraiser every 3-4 weeks!  Average, though is 4-5 PTC fundraisers in the school year.  I made the decision last year to support the school fundraisers but not participate in the PTC fundraisers-it's just too much to do them all!!!  Especially because that doesn't include any fundraisers for sports or other activities-my kids aren't there yet.

  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 8:43 PM In reply to

    Re: School fundraisers

    DD's preschool does 2-3 a year usually, not including the books from Scholastic.  You know, you buy the books and the school earns scholastic money to get more books for the school library.  I'm totally okay with this one as I do get good, cheap books and it helps the school get more books for their library, which the kids use every day.

    They do Pampered Chef, which is an easy sell -- I just tell people where to go online and they can order if they want, or not.  No big.  This is only one I inform other people about, b/c so many people I know like and use PC products.  This year I'll actually spend about $30 just to get another stone muffin pan.  I use the one I have now almost every other week and then I use another one that's not stone; the non-stone doesn't make pretty muffins!

    They did candles last year, but I rarely use them, so I didn't participate in that one.  They did cookies or something one year and I didn't do that one, either.  And they do a silent auction in the spring, which I contribute to (usually a framed cross stitch piece) and sometimes buy from.  Last year I bought my mom her mother's day/birthday gift, so I did spend a bit more.

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 10:16 PM In reply to

    Re: School fundraisers

    I have many fundraisers I'm kind of expected to do, with schools, church, Girl Scouts, sports.  Three years ago, I staarted with a co-leader a now annual gala for our Lutheran school, to build an endowment fund.  The fund is now about $100,000, and we are drawing our first interest funds for the scholarship fund this year,  It is dinner, music, silent and live auctions, and a pledge section.  

    I avoid the candy, magazine, wreath, entertainment book sales.  I've done the cookies for GS, and been the cookie mom, but and tired of this after 15 years.  

    For the other school, I serve on the board as well as the board at the Lutheran school.  At church I teach. I have lead several fundrasers for other things, I think I've been instrumental in raising abut $300K.  

    So, I don't feel bad for recycling the order forms for cookie dough and gift wrap.  I just am very bad  at sales and asking, I do not like to do it at all.   I currently have 25 raffle tickets in my bag, I have not sold one, all summer. 

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  • Thu, Sep 4 2008 10:27 PM In reply to

    • dixie1596
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    Re: School fundraisers

    well, i am lucky i homeschool so i don't have to do that anymore, thank goodness!

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