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Cheap Cheer-ups

Last post Wed, Jul 16 2008 1:12 PM by swtnsassy. 39 replies.
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  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 1:35 PM

    • Mimi
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    Cheap Cheer-ups

    I've been reading this week's posts trying to catch up on what's been going on with people, and it looks like a lot of us have had some down times recently.  Adding to that, some of us have been giving up some of the cheerful things we used to do because they cost too much.  (No more going for a drive just to clear my head, bye bye Starbucks, etc.)

    I thought that if I started this thread it might get me and others thinking of cheap fun things we can do.  So far I've only come up with a couple, but I'm hoping to think of more as the day goes on.

    • Put in a favorite movie that I already own.
    • Go outside and appreciate any flowers that are blooming.

    May you all have cheerful days! Smile

    "...for the happy heart, life is a continual feast. Better to have little, with fear for the Lord, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil." Proverbs 15:15b-16 NLT

    The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.--Winston Churchill
  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 1:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    I bought a huge tub of orange sherbert and 2 boxes of sugar cones when I went to the grocery store.  It is nice to sit on our screened in porch after supper, have an ice cream cone and share our day with each other.

    Play a CD that I already own and just enjoy the music.

    Sit on the porch and watch it rain.

    Read a good book that I got at the library.

    Dig around in my scrapbooking supplies and make a card for some one that I love using only the supplies that I have on hand.


    When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep is your downfall. - Unknown
  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 1:51 PM In reply to

    • Pat
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    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

     I've been having to drive out of town once a week to pick up milk and lately I've been making it count more. I drive slower, look around more and drive with the windows down so I can hear and feel what's going on better. It's become a pleasure drive as much as a necessary one. 

    I'm trying to back up and do things more like Mom would have. When I had a big bowl of greens to look through, I sat on the patio with them instead of standing at the kitchen sink. I take my shoes off and feel the grass as I'm watching it grow. Smile

    Listening to music I already own, learning new skills and practicing old ones - there are a lot of "cheer-ups" that don't cost a thing.  

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  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 1:59 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    I love being able to pick the wild black berries that we've found on our property. I love picking the wild daisies that just seem to pop up here and there on our land! I've loved watching the wheat fields go from that lucious green wave to the amber waves of grain (that soon my kids will get to ride with the local farmer in his combine as he harvests said wheat). It's also been lots of fun watching the kids play ball this summer (even though I'm ready for a break from running to practices & games).


  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 2:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

     Eat chocolate.


    That always works for me............unless I'm out of chocolate..........which I currently am....   


  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 2:22 PM In reply to

    • Toni B.
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    • Seneca Falls NY
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    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    Pick up my cross stitch project and stitch away. Go for a long walk. Spend time with my cats.
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  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 2:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups


     Eat chocolate.


    That always works for me............unless I'm out of chocolate..........which I currently am....   


    This make me chuckle...thanks for the "cheap" laugh!! However, I'm sorry to hear you're out of chocolate!! That just plain stinks!! When will you get a fresh supply...some reinforcements, if you will?!


  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 2:33 PM In reply to

    • dolly77
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    • Way Down South
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    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    Thanks, Mimi.  This is a great topic.

    My list sounds a lot like Shellia's:

    ~sitting on the front porch in the evening to enjoy the lake, the breeze, the rain, the sounds of a summer night

    ~reading a library book or a book I already own

    ~scrapbooking my vacation photos (with materials already in my supply) and journaling the memories

    ~visiting with my friends here

    ~taking a nap

    ~being satisfied with what I have and with the comfort of home

    ~sitting around with my best friend and talking while our kids are in her swimming pool

  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 3:00 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    Hmmm...I'm sure I can come up with a few.

    • Sitting on the patio in the sun reading a book (library, or one in our collection I haven't read yet)
    • Sitting around the firepit in the backyard with our neighbors (wood is free when you live next to a nature preserve full of downed trees!)
    • Playing kickball, wiffleball or basketball with the neighbors and/or their kids
    • Playing cards (the two of us or with the neighbors) we like scat, spades, hearts, cribbage, rummy & texas hold 'em. We bought a Hoyle's Book of Rules on clearance at Barnes & Noble two years ago, and it comes in handy!  We like playing board games, too.
    • Watching a Netflix movie or something out of our collection
    • Downloading, burning & watching new episodes of our favorite anime subbed in English (free and legal)
    • Slip 'n Slide! Trust me, the kids get out of the way when the adults line-up LOL
    • 100 waterballons for $1 at the dollar tree + some generic "super soakers" on a hot day Smile
    • $10 and a five minute drive to the local pool.  Not as nice as the lake, but the lake is a half hour drive and still $8 for the two of us.  Its more of a day trip--state park w/swimming, hiking, boating, etc. The pool is a spur of the minute thing. $10 isn't that bad since its just around the corner.
    • Spraying on sunscreen, laying on a towel in the grass and taking an afternoon nap
  • Thu, Jul 10 2008 3:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap Cheer-ups

    I used to take a drive to clear my head, now I ride my bike or take a stroll to the beach.

    I love the library, they have movies, books and periodicals for free that I can check out.  I sure save lots of money on movies and tv series that I used to pay money to rent.  And the bonus is, the library copies of dvd's are ususally in better condition because its a little known fact that they lend them out!

    Fishing!  There is a bit of an initial investment in poles, tackle and a fishing license, but it pays off.  And the bonus is, you can eat your catch and cut your grocery bill.

    Gardening, even indoor container gardening.  I can't even begin to tell you how relaxing it is for me to play with my plants. 

    and the one thing I don't do often enough, watch TV.  sometimes you just want to channel surf, and thats OKAY...sometimes.

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