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Recovering from disaster

Last post Wed, Jun 11 2008 10:33 AM by kabin. 3 replies.
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  • Mon, Jun 9 2008 11:19 AM

    Recovering from disaster

     We've had some very severe weather in central Indiana last week.  We had tornados and then on Saturday had some major floods.  Fortunately, we weren't affected by either of these events.  Emergency management organizations say we should prepare for events, but I don't think it would make much difference if your entire house blows away, burns, or is completely flooded unexpectedly.  I'm just wondering how people who literally loose everything deal with it.  If you have tips or advise for these kind of situations, please post them.  I'm sure it would be quite informative for everyone even those who aren't experiencing it now.  

  • Mon, Jun 9 2008 11:42 AM In reply to

    • Toni B.
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    Re: Recovering from disaster

    We don't live in an area that has violent weather but we do have a plan. I have a binder that has all my important documents and papers and that is stored in a fireproof safe, which weighs 100lbs. If there is time to evacuate, we remove what we need from the safe and bring it with us. If not, then its at least contained safely until we return. We also have "replacement value" insurance so that we could include cost increases to replace items lost. Only other thing is to not be overly attached to things. Saving family and pets would be my primary concern.
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  • Mon, Jun 9 2008 1:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Recovering from disaster

    I live on the MS Gulf Coast where Katrina hit. I didn't move here until after the storm but everyone I know lost something and many lost it all and some still are living in campers and trailers. When you are faced with losing everything big and small I think you go thru a grieving process and it comes and goes sometimes its not so bad and sometimes its overwhelming but you get thru it one day at a time which I know is cliché but tis very true. My neighbors of some of the best people I have ever met and if I had faced all they have been thru I don't know that I could have done it with the grace and poise they have. I love it here and no matter what the weather brings we will be staying.


    As for how you prepare you have all the most important things in 1 rubbermaid tote and thats what you take besides clothes its best to keep it where its easy to access.Keep copies of pictures on CD's and backup your hard drive and keep copies also keep your tax returns insurance papers deeds birth certificates all car titles a copy of any important # a copy of each utility bill with their phone # and your account# so you can have it and anything that cannot be replaced in there. You cant rest on having them in a safe as high winds and water will carry them off and sometimes. Also you cant count on being able to get new copies of anything there are places down here where all records were lost to the storm and it was a real hardship for some people trying to "prove" who they were or where they were. Also another good thing to do is a video or picture inventory so forbid you lose everything its hard to remember all the little stuff you might need to turn into the insurance companies.

    If you google disaster preparedness there are lots of good tips as to how much of what you should have on hand per person. Batteries propane and food/water are the most important and make sure you have all medications refilled there were some serious issues here with that one!

    Take care!



  • Wed, Jun 11 2008 10:33 AM In reply to

    • kabin
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    Re: Recovering from disaster

    Tebaliah, I live north of you. I have family in Tipton County, but not sure if they have been effected. My Step daughter lives in Peru and she said some places there have high water, others don't. We had a lot of water around my area over the winter. I have my important papers put away, but other than insurance I am not sure what we could do in the event of a flood or tornado. It is a good idea to have a generator on hand for when power goes out, but if we were flooded like central Indiana is it wouldn't help at all. Just my 2 cents.

    Kathy :-)

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The Dollar Stretcher has a new community!

Feel free to read the great frugal living tips, ideas and discussions readers and community members have posted here. But if you'd like to post something or start a discussion, please click here to go over to our new community site and create an account.

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