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Last post Sat, Oct 6 2012 1:41 PM by Juneflower. 7 replies.
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  • Tue, Oct 2 2012 6:59 PM


    This is just to see what kind of home would you live in and where would you live if you didn't live where you are now.  What is your favorite kind of home?  As for me I would love to have a Tudor style home with hardwood floors throughout enough space to have a real pantry instead of packing cooking goods in to few cabinets.  A nice yard to plant some hostas but not a big yard I've always wanted a circular driveway but that would probably be to expensive.  Also like adobe homes like in the southwest but just not sure if they would be a good fit in this are doen't matter we can all dream can't we? I love the southwest but when I was out there I absolutely couldn't get used to the time change it drove me nuts.
  • Tue, Oct 2 2012 7:52 PM In reply to

    • babs
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    Re: Home

    THis is a hard one for me as I really like my house. lol. But I would like to have a small house on the beach for vacations and just to run away.  Dh would like SC but I wouldnt mind Cape Cod since we live in New England. Nice wood stove for the cool days,  Skylights to see the stars.  Lot of flowers but a gardner would be nice to do all the work .  A bathroom with a huge tub and a walk in shower. We only have showers in our house.  Maybe add more later s I think about this,
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  • Tue, Oct 2 2012 9:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Home

    If I had to pick some place else to live it would have to be in a ranch style house with a big wrap around porch overlooking the ocean. I would want a wood burning stove so the dogs could curl up in front of it. I would want a very large gourmet kitchen and attached great room where everyone could visit while making dinner. I would also like a large master bathroom with separate tub and shower.
  • Tue, Oct 2 2012 10:28 PM In reply to

    Re: Home

     When the time comes next year I put my plaace up for sale.  And Im out of tacoma Im going to live near mom and cindy maybe a appartment or some house to rent but I want a place I don't mind the tax or insurance Im tired of everyone knowing others bussines specially if its me or bf so we are going to the country I want one thing a big wood stove again and a fireplace that is it with a big back yard wherere my puppies can runn back there and have a doggie door so they can go in and out without waiting for me to get home and all three of them crossing all four leggs to go out a take a whiz.

  • Tue, Oct 2 2012 10:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Home

     One by the shore, either CA coast or Cape Cod or Rhode Island. One close to NY. I like older houses with wide, original peg floorboards, high ceilings and even the old wallpaper. Interior in light wood and colors. Big old-fashioned pane windows, shutters. Outside, a huge garden and fenced-in area for my cats. A greenhouse big enough to live in in the winter. 

    Scandinavian furnitues, lots of blue and red striped bedspreads and furniture covers, Maramekko everywhere. 

    Huge trees outside, a big pond for boating, enough barn and yard space for chickens. Black dial telephones (now I really am doing the vintage thing!). Big bathroom with claw tub and old portelain sinks with those metal handles. A big library room with a fireplace, a sizable kitchen with built-in benches next to a recessed small bay window. 

    I would want it built of brick for fire safety. Screened sun room for sleeping in in the summer. 

    Old fashioned pantry. Workshop for buidling things, a pottery wheel and kiln, good stereo.

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  • Fri, Oct 5 2012 3:00 PM In reply to

    • Helene
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    Re: Home

     Amen to that, Seaturtle: - ) Especailly the library... dark oak... heavy furniture, brown leather, soft light from coloured windows and framed lamps. Big country house, old but stylish. Park-like garden with gardeners to take care of it. Never thought of a pond, but that would be beautiful, especially to walk around it while the full August moon is mirroring itself in it. If there were crayfish in it, it would be even better: - )!!! I'd like a big, light kitchen, where a cook and some house keepers would be busying around all the days, serving wonderful meals in a separate dining room. Parquet floors. Old-fashioned windows and doors... A flight of stairs or two. A huge ball room with large windows with a view over the garden and a lofty glass veranda for a nightly glass of something sweet.

    I actually lived in my dream house between zero and tree years of age, it was the house on my father's farm. Everything was there, including fire places for wood, except the library. There was one room for it, but I would have filled it with bookshelves and old, old, ooooooooooold books...

    There was even a piece of private wood to stroll in and in the autumn, my father would shoot deer there...

    Now, I am happily living on the second floor, without a garden. My back and joints can just barely take care of the flowers on the balcony, and most of the work there is done by my DDs. I am especially happy for my kitchen. I drew it myself, exactly like I wanted it, and a carpenter made it for me in light, Scandinavian wood... what a difference to the usual kitchens here... 



  • Fri, Oct 5 2012 3:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Home

    Like Babs, I really do love my home I live in now. As much as I seem to grumble about certain things, it really has everything we need and love. 1940s brick colonial, wood floors throughout, 2 fireplaces, master closet and separate bath (I'd love a bathtub, though). Screened porch, attached garage.

     If it didn't need all new windows and didn't have a 24 year old furnace, I'd say it was 100% perfect, LOL.

    But if it could be ANYTHING...a cabin on a lake.  A little bit of extra land for play and gardening. Rustic cabin charm but at least 2 toilets. I'm picky like that, lol.  

  • Sat, Oct 6 2012 1:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Home

    My former home had my favorite amenities, a sleeping porch, front porch, woodstove, and plenty of cabinets.  If I could have another home, it would have a sunny lot so I could grow anything I want, not much house--500 sf  w/screened porch on the north side, and a locking garage, since I've had extensive experience with having cars and trucks vandalized.   What I lack in space I would want in windmill, well pump, and an outside root and jar cellar.  I have learned to downsize and my old Hoosier will hold all of my kitchen implements except for canning kettles and pressure cooker. I do want an inside shower and a composting toilet. 

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The Dollar Stretcher has a new community!

Feel free to read the great frugal living tips, ideas and discussions readers and community members have posted here. But if you'd like to post something or start a discussion, please click here to go over to our new community site and create an account.

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