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PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

Last post Mon, Jul 9 2012 12:43 PM by spiderdust. 12 replies.
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  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 6:38 PM

    • grame
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    PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

     Hope everyone is learning something from the other prepper threads.  Lots of good info whether your finding things to help save a buck, or working on your basic emergency preparedness. I'm hoping having specific threads this will make it easier to find hints easier if you want to refer back to something.  I'm thinking that some of these threads can get pretty long and I for one, seem to go off on a tangent.  So maybe this will help me stay on track. 

    Plenty of sugar in your preps can be both a  a storage space savings and a cost savings.  Molasses has many uses and a tablespoon added to a cup of sugar makes brown sugar, and much cheaper than buying it already made.  I'm paying a 1.85 for a 16 oz. jar of molasses, and that would make a lot of brown sugar.

    I only use corn syrup when I make candy or caramel corn, and found an easy way to DIY on PREPAREDNESSPRO's blog.  Copyrighted, so if your interested, check it out. 

    We have also started making our own root beer.  Sugar, a dab of yeast, water and root beer extract.  Much less space needed to store those ingredients than bottles of soda. The directions are on the net.

    We have cans of honey powder on our shelves as a backup and I would definitely have my own hives if certain people around here weren't such a chicken.in the meantime, I also keep quarts of local raw honey on hand.  More and more doctors are recommending raw honey for wound care.  Amazing healing properties, safe for children and adults as a cough reliever and great in,teas.

    So, do use sugar in any DIY substitutions?  Love to hear them if you do.


    I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand. ~Susan B. Anthony
  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 7:22 PM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    I got 2 -80ct boxes of Truvia for only $1.99 each so i have those in a jar. i use them in my tea, both iced and cold. I haven't tried baking with it yet, but I understand I use half sugar and half Truvia.

    I have a bunch of 8 oz bottles honey that I bought several years ago when I found the bottles half price. i have a pint of homemade (ok homemade by the bees) honey a beekeeeping friend gave me. And i have a half gallon more of store bought. I use it mainly in bread and especially granola. Granola takes about all of an 8oz bottle. Also, when the honey gets old and crystalizes, just microwave a few seconds and it is fine again.

    Michelle in Northern Michigan

    "Those who would surrender liberty for security deserve neither" - Ben Franklin

  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 7:51 PM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    If you can find sugar cubes, grab a box of them.  One cube in a bottle of olive oil will double the shelf life if not longer.  Olive oil has a tendency to go rancid kept on a shelf so this really helps.  

    it works for keeping cooking oil from going rancid too.  I buy large containers of oil, and have a small bottle in my kitchen.  the kitchen bottle has a cube of sugar in it, and when I open a new big bottle I drop in a sugar cube.

  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 8:36 PM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

     Ok I totally get it.  Now to prepper for it this is where I am having trouble I see little critters in it if I don't put it in a plastic bag and in a storage container the package can last a year but the sweeters are something else this is where I do have trouble in how long does the box sweetners last that I do need to know because I donnot know???Confused

  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 8:40 PM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    Cindy, plain white sugar lasts forever if you keep it dry and keep bugs out of it.  Pure honey will last centuries, it will crystalize but if you melt it, it will still be fine.
  • Tue, Jul 3 2012 10:24 PM In reply to

    • babs
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    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    I keep sugar, honey and maple syrup.  Try to keep a good supply of all three. Sugar is used in canning fruit. Honey for tea and some cooking as DIL cant have sugar. We love maple syrup for cooking, pancakes, in cooked carrots....lot of stuff. Honey and the maple sugar are local .  Forgot to add the molasses. I make by own brown sugar with it too. A little Splenda for any that are around that use it. Babs

    Officially recognized Stretchpert in Prayer Circle
  • Wed, Jul 4 2012 12:19 AM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    I guess I'm an oddball because I don't really care for honey all that much. But, I do a lot of baking, so I have white, brown and powdered sugar on hand. Matter of fact, when I do my pantry shopping soon, I want to get a couple or three of each. I also have molasses and white syrup for specific recipes. I don't like stevia, or imitation sweeteners, so don't keep them at home.

    I had a bottle of maple-flavored syrup in the fridge door for 4 years. Guess I don't make many pancakes! Big Smile It wasn't spoiled, either.


    "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Ps. 139:14
  • Wed, Jul 4 2012 3:40 AM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    Ok... what do I have on hand? *deep breath*

    I have several pounds (50? maybe more?) of white sugar in a big container with a gamma lid. It's not my favorite sweetener to use, but it keeps a long time and is multipurpose.

    I have maybe 10 lbs. of brown sugar that I got for around 75c/box on after-Christmas clearance sales at Walgreens. I got a couple of boxes of powdered sugar around the same time for the same price, probably 3 boxes at the most.

    I tend to use Splenda the most for myself, and have a huge box from Costco of Splenda packets (maybe 1000? It comes with 1500 packets, but the box has been open for a while and packets taken out to replenish the canister in the kitchen). I also have a huge bag of the granulated measurable Splenda from Costco (the package says it has over 1400 servings!) plus 2 large bag of generic sucralose from Big Lots (they're probably each the equivalent of 5 lbs of sugar, the Costco one might be the equivalent of 15 lbs). I also have one unopened package of brown sugar Splenda.

    I have a half-gallon mason jar full of maple syrup in the fridge that I've had for quite a while. I keep a 1/2 pint bottle in the fridge door that I refill from this jar... a small bottle is much easier to manage at the breakfast table than a huge jar. I also have 10(!!) bottles of Eggo pancake syrup (they were 25c each after coupons and store sales) plus 2 additional bottles of other pancake syrups that came in AFM boxes. I also have 5 8-oz bottles of maple syrup -- 1 with strawberry/maple syrup, 1 with cranberry/maple syrup, and 2 with blueberry/maple syrup. Currently I'm rotating through the syrups like this: use bottle in the fridge until it runs out, open an Eggo syrup bottle. When that runs out, refill maple syrup bottle and use that until empty. Repeat.

    I have a little bit of corn syrup... I'm trying to slowly use it up and don't intend to replace it when it's finished, so I probably have maybe 8 oz left out of a 32 oz bottle. I also have a 32 oz bottle of agave syrup (also don't intend to replace this when it's finished). I prefer to use beet syrup over both of those, but I can't find it very often. The last time I found it at IKEA, I bought 4 bottles. I think I have 3 of them in the pantry.

    I have an assortment of honey. I'm not sure how many jars are in the pantry, although we try to get a jar from the farm whenever they become available. I do need to get some more though, since I only have one jar of multipurpose honey in the pantry. The rest are things like the really dark buckwheat honey (no one likes the taste, but it's so wonderful for colds and coughs), elderberry infused honey (another cold/flu remedy), ginseng/ginger infused honey (another tonic/remedy), etc.

    I'm low on molasses... I have less than a full jar. I wiped out most of my molasses during the Christmas season and haven't replenished it yet. I need to get on that, but I haven't run into any good deals on it for a while.

    While poking through the kitchen cabinet, trying to determine how much molasses and honey I have on hand, I found a full 2 lb canister of birch sugar, plus a full 1 lb bag of it. I completely forgot I had those. I also found a little under a lb of maple sugar.

    I think I've figured out why I haven't lost much weight.

    Mama to a teen and a preschooler KINDERGARTENER!! -- oh, the fun! Also co-parenting 3 other awesome kids. :)
  • Wed, Jul 4 2012 8:41 AM In reply to

    • Peanut
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    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    I love reference threads like this!  Thanks for starting it!

    I buy granulated sugar in 25lb bags, keeping about 100lb on hand at any given time.  From  this, I make brown sugar, "corn" syrup, maplene, maple sugar (see below), superfine, powdered & also bigger crystals (a la rock candy) for decorating pretty baking.

     I buy maple syrup by the quart from a local sugar house, keeping grade B for baking when a syrup is called for, grade C for making "maple sugar" (which is just like homemade brown sugar, only using maple syrup instead of molasses).  For pancake lovers, I make maplene - they PLOW through syrup, making the cost prohibitive.  For special (super special) occasions, I might slip them some of my real stash.

     I keep 3lb jars of honey in the pantry from BJs club (3lb for $7.49).  I have smaller jars of local honey, which I usually use for special cooking/baking/beveraes where the distinct flavors will be highlighted.

    I buy blackstrap molasses by the gallon from a restaurant supply store. I *love* the heavier flavor of the blackstrap!!

     On rare occasion, I buy powdered sugar from a store, usually for a baking project that I want very specific results with the icing.  The homemade powdered, for me, doesn't come out quite as uniform as the manufactured stuff...I need more practice!

     Once in a while I get a craving for fake sugar, and pick up a sale box of Truvia or Splenda.  I like tea & coffee, and sometimes I just want that supersweet taste without needing to drink a gallon of water afterward!  No one else in the house uses it.

    Usually I have a bottle of homemade simple syrup in the fridge for folks who get a sudden craving for lemonade, etc.  I also like to keep homemade candies/mints tucked away for a special treat now & then.  And I have vanilla beans on hand, usually with a little jar of vanilla sugar, for special baking/treats.

     Hm...Hello, my name is Peanut, and I'm a sugar-holic.

    Babbling regularly at PeanutsAlmanac.Blogspot.com
  • Wed, Jul 4 2012 9:43 AM In reply to

    Re: PREPPING: SUGAR and other sweetners

    I totally forgot about the molasses, cornsyrups, maple syrups, brown sugars, and powdered sugars I keep on hand. I like to keep 20 lbs of brown sugar on hand only if I can get a good price, which i haven't in some time...hence I have about 6 lbs on hand. I use it for cookies and cooked carrots and squash. Powdeerd sugar for frostings and donut glaze. Rarely use molasses and corn syrup.

    I keep what I can on hand, but cost is a factor. If it isn't economical we just go without.

    One year I got several quart jars of homemade maple syrup in exchange for some goat and pork! That was heavenly!

    I ordered Stevia seeds last night! I am hoping to grow my own plants indoors as I am in zone 4 and its supposed to be for zones 9 and above. Just a crumpled leaf in tea is supposed to sweeten it!

    Michelle in Northern Michigan

    "Those who would surrender liberty for security deserve neither" - Ben Franklin

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