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What plants can survive a deep freeze?

Last post Tue, Apr 24 2012 7:06 AM by tripletree. 9 replies.
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  • Sun, Mar 25 2012 9:17 PM

    What plants can survive a deep freeze?

     It is supposed to go down to 19 tonight, very cold again the entire week. I have crocuses up, daffodil (not in bloom yet), some tiny kale seedlings, and a few asparagus peeking up, and some other spring bulb plants in flower. I covered what I could, but the flowers are so deicate that covering them would crush them.

    What plants might survive? This is sad: the premature warmth made them grow, and now they will die from the frost. I wonder about the trees, too, now with early leaves on them.

  • Sun, Mar 25 2012 11:27 PM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    I would think the kale & asparagus shoots should be fine.  The daffodils are iffy, but since they have not yet bloomed, it sort of depends on where they are.  I have some next to the house, near the foundation, where they benefit from the retained heat in the brick.  Those out by the wire fence dividing us from the pasture don't do as well.  The crocus are usually hardy enough to peek through the snow, so they will probably be fine.  I expect to lose the apricot blossoms on my tree, since they are WAY too early, but the leaves should be fine.

  • Mon, Mar 26 2012 9:50 AM In reply to

    • ArielDawn
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    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    We are also expecting a hard frost tonite with colder temps this week.   Of course last week we were in the 70's and everything has started to bloom. I think I will cut the daffodils this afternoon that have bloomed.   Might as well enjoy them on the kitchen table if they are going to die so quickly.   I'm also concerned about my lilac bush and my dogwood tree.

    I don't have many crocus but I also have seen them bloom in the snow so they should be ok.   I have heard concerns about the apple trees here and I know that our maple syrup production was lower this season as well.   Sigh....along with the impact of gas prices I cringe to think of what our costs for produce will be this summer.


  • Mon, Apr 9 2012 6:54 AM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    Near freezing temps are forecast for tonight through Wednesday night.  I sure hope it doesn't nip all of my fruit trees which have all bloomed and set fruit already due to the unusually warm March we had. 

    Edited to add that according to this chart, the trees might be okay if temps don't get lower than the 30's.

  • Mon, Apr 9 2012 9:50 AM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

     Our temps went into the 20's on Friday, but we had snow with the cold. 6-7" did a great job of both insulating & watering my garden sprouts.  So far the buds on the trees seem ok, too, since those that were not open continue to bloom, & the ones that were open did not shrivel up.

  • Mon, Apr 9 2012 9:56 AM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    it was freezing last night even with them in a green house I covered my plants I uncover  later it warming up not too fast .

    we also covered our apple trees .. they are already blooming .. Hoping we dont lose any trees .


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  • Thu, Apr 12 2012 3:30 PM In reply to

    • RAO
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    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    I think I will end up losing a lot of cherries.  The tree bloomed (v. early) and we have had 3 frosts since.  A lot of the flowers/buds now look dead.  Leaves look unharmed.  Will be sad if this is a no-cherry year, no cherry jelly :(

  • Mon, Apr 23 2012 11:10 PM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    Well, the fruit trees seemed to have survived the frost/freezes but my english walnut and hardy pecan trees got toasted!  I hope they come back because right now, they look as dead as doornails.  :(
  • Mon, Apr 23 2012 11:26 PM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

     My English walnut has had freezes that toasted the new leaves several time.  It takes a few weeks, but usually more leaves appear after I water it well a few times  No nuts after freezes, tho.  My tree is still young - only 7 years old. 

    Couldn't say about the pecan - never had one.

  • Tue, Apr 24 2012 7:06 AM In reply to

    Re: What plants can survive a deep freeze?

    Thanks, zohnerfarms.  That gives me hope.

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