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It's Leftover Night!

Last post Thu, Feb 9 2012 8:36 PM by cheapChic. 6 replies.
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  • Wed, Feb 8 2012 9:55 AM

    • Brandy
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    It's Leftover Night!

    A buffet of delightful bits, use it to make a delicious new dish, creatively added to other meals?

    What are your favorite ways to use leftovers?

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  • Wed, Feb 8 2012 11:44 AM In reply to

    Re: It's Leftover Night!

    We use leftover steak or chicken as a topping for salads. Leftover chicken is really good in pasta salad or chicken tortilla soup. Leftover pork becomes sandwiches. Leftover roast becomes stroganoff, sandwiches, pasta sauce,or enchilada filling.
  • Wed, Feb 8 2012 4:50 PM In reply to

    • grame
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    Re: It's Leftover Night!

     A great post and one I intend to follow closely.  DH will not eat leftovers so I freeze for later use on many things or turn them into something else. Tomorrow night we are having beef roast so the broth will be saved for things like soup base, or to cook noodles in for a later in the week, beef tips and noodles meal.  Sometimes it is shredded and add bar-b-que sauce for his lunch sandwiches  Leftover mashed potatoes become chantilly potatoes or used for potato pancakes.  Most little dabs of cooked veggies are drained and get added to the freezer container for future soups.  GD eats veggie soup year round. Mostly, I use them to take in my lunch the next day. 

    They aren't too happy about it, but since trying to lose some weight I'm cooking smaller amounts.  Realized it wasn't what I eat at my sit down meal that was doing me in, it was what I nibbled after the meal!  Oink, oink!

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  • Wed, Feb 8 2012 5:24 PM In reply to

    Re: It's Leftover Night!

    After a meal I package leftovers in individual size portions. Then they can easily be used for late night snacks or lunches. Once a week we have leftovers night and use up anything that has not been eaten. If I have bread that needs used up I will make a stack of either french toast or grilled cheese sandwhiches to go with our weekly leftovers meal.

    I don't ever have large quatities of leftovers of any one meal-my guys have large appetites

  • Thu, Feb 9 2012 6:39 AM In reply to

    Re: It's Leftover Night!

    I try not to have leftovers unless I am making bulk so I can use to send to freezer or for a dish planned for the next meal but sometimes I do get unplanned leftovers... that's happened mainly with chicken or bulk batch legumes like lentils and sometimes rice or pasta. Leftover chicken gets used for super salads packed with a beautiful assortment of raw veggies on hand. Leftover rice is often used for an ethnic meal like Asian or Mexican or used in breakfast omletes. Leftover pasta may get turned into a cold-veggie-pasta toss salad with a Greek or Italian theme. Leftover lentils make great lentil-balls or patties/burgers...especially since it's been chilled and is easier to shape. That's about it for non holiday leftovers. Leftovers, to me, are unplanned excess food I prapared so that doesn't happen much since I cook to serve or cook in bulk with leftover intentions. I DISLIKE at all costs any leftover green salads - in that case I recommend tossing the leftover salad into pita pockets before it wilts and gets nasty. it makes a great filling for pitas!

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Chinese Proverb~
  • Thu, Feb 9 2012 6:17 PM In reply to

    Re: It's Leftover Night!

    Some of leftovers come back as work lunches ...

    Otherwise, stir fry is good to repackage leftover meats and veggies; Things like pot pie and chicken/beef and noodles are good, too.  With leftover side dishes, I'm more apt to serve them with a new main dish...

  • Thu, Feb 9 2012 8:36 PM In reply to

    Re: It's Leftover Night!

     finished the chicken and potatoe dish I made yesterday needed to be eaten up so thats the left over day we had left overs in this house needs to be eaten up so expensive to eatout and to expensive just to throw outgood food so I rather stay home and eat.

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