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Friday Praise

Last post 09-10-2010 3:30 PM by tracyinmn. 4 replies.
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  • 09-03-2010 8:13 AM

    Friday Praise

    Friday again, the weeks go too fast. Lets share what the L'rd has done for you, your family or even a friend this week. Babs

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  • 09-10-2010 1:40 AM In reply to

    Re: Friday Praise

    This is long, but I learned a lesson:

    Free plums were offered on my local freecycle site.  I responded & was invited to come pick, with directions that were not so great.  I printed off a set of directions from my house to the given address from Google, & set out as soon as DH came home with the car.  45 minutes later, I still had not found the house & had decided to drive back home & email the person, saying "Thanks but I couldn't find your house"- - in fact, I was headed home at the stoplight at 400 South in the neighboring town, when I "felt" that I needed to look at the Google instructions again.  When I did, I realized where I had made a wrong turn, so I turned around & went back.  Found the house & knocked on the door, because when it says "the tree belongs to my neighbor:, I always make sure it isn't someone's idea of a practical joke.

    The owner answered the door, told me they were Potawatomi plums (which make good jam, but are quite small) & showed me where the tree was, then added, "My neighbor over there - pointing - said if anyone came for the plums, they could have the peaches from that tree, too, if they want them."  The tree was loaded with ripe Red Haven peaches!  I picked a box of plums, then filled 3 boxes with the peaches.  As I was loading the small stepladder into the car, the "peach tree neighbor" came home & offered me the rest of a tree of apricots as well, but it was too dark to pick, so I asked if I could come back the next day, since my containers were full (and I couldn't see my hand in front of my face for the dark), & he said sure.  Next day I picked 6 more boxes of peaches, a bucket of apricots & another bucket of plums.

    One box of peaches & the box of plums went to my Relief Society President for those in need, & another box of peaches went across the street to a neighbor out of work.  From the rest, I have bottled 47 quarts of fruit thus far, plus a dozen jars of peach-rosemary jam, a dozen jars of plum jam & 4 jars thus far of peach jam, which will be divided among 5 households.  There are still 2 boxes of peaches to process.

    To think that Heavenly Father was trying to bless at least 7 households with free fruit, & that I almost blew it because I couldn't find the place- - even with lousy directions- - was very humbling. I am so headstrong & He is so patient with me.  I realized after the fact that I had not even prayed to ask Him to help me find the house, & felt terrible.   I am so grateful the Lord sent me the impression to look again at those directions, & allowed me the opportunity to gather these temporal blessings for us and for others. 

  • 09-10-2010 7:15 AM In reply to

    Re: Friday Praise

    Dear Zohnerfarms, What an aaawesome testimony! Love in Him, Deborah & Heart *** Dear All, I am so grateful that my family has been able to pay for private aid for me 4/hrs day, 7/days/wk f the last week + 2 dayus befoore that. I am praying that Medi-Cal will pick me up & restore me to In-Home Supportive Servi cess, as my family can BARELY afford what they have had to pay so far. The aids remind me to ddrink & to take my meds, & cook for me (at this point, I am not allowed even to use the MW or toaster, due to accidents before I went into the hospital 2 wks ago.). They also do the laundry, which ws always extremely taxing to me, & clean, which I barely did. I am so thankful that I am getting home health care aid! Yours in HIm, Deborah & Heart
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    Proud guardian of Heart, a black female Miniature Poodle, a Psychiatric Service Dog

    Enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courts with praise; give thanks to Him, bless His Name. (Psalm 100)

    Yours in thrift, Deborah

  • 09-10-2010 8:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Friday Praise

    G'd is so good to us. Deb and Zohner farms. I thank HIm for His blessing to the two of you, Babs

    Officially recognized Stretchpert in Prayer Circle
  • 09-10-2010 3:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Friday Praise

    Dear God,

    Thank you for the blessing of my son True, born sixteen years ago today. He is an awesome responsibility and joy for me. I am very curious to see what you and he do with his earthly life, he is smart and funny, and I am thankful he is a Christian and knows he can have a relationship with you.


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