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Parent and Child

Last post Tue, Jun 12 2012 5:25 PM by TizzyLizzy. 13 replies.
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  • Thu, Apr 5 2012 9:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Parent and Child

    because we are on different planets the kids learned to tune out adults due to age purose only accordding to them we don't know nothing thats when they are teens sometimes we as adults need to learn to open up sometimes and the kid has to do that also when I last saw omhar in 2006 before he died he thought the world hated him and he is almost opened up but he had a fight with ex hubby and walked out the door of course it was my fault as usal and it was his real moms fault that she got him back on drugs again when he finally went to rehab here in this state he saw his real mom then the dope began again next thing I saw him was at the morg and a note why he killed himself he said that life sucks and nobody listened to him of course his mother blamed me for it and there I was not there for him well then she should have stopped her drugs and learned to be a mother not a doper and its all my fault for this I still have a hard time with it but learned to ignore the snid remarks just listen to the kid with out judgment and maybe you can figure out what the problem is instead of being in space.

  • Fri, Jun 8 2012 10:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Parent and Child

    Growing up I was definitely a Daddy's girl, but now as an adult I'm close to both of them. Yes, the parent-child relationship is in constant flux as far as how much a child needs a parent or how involved a parent remains in their child's life. That doesn't mean the love isn't always there but perhaps that sense of closeness and understanding changes throughout the years. Especially in the teen years parents feel like their children are pushing them away while children often feel like their parents are suffocating them.

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  • Tue, Jun 12 2012 11:21 AM In reply to

    • MarthaMFI
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    Re: Parent and Child


    Here I think society and school system makes it harder. gives them an easy ride and then expects them to have the same work ethic etc that we had coming out of school.  so many days off, easier grades.  When I was growing up I knew if I did something I was going to get it from the neighbours, parents, school everywhere!   the bullying is worse..bullying by texting,emailing by young girls is getting bad.   There has always been the cliques and catty behaviour but has been getting worse with technology. 

    also seems to be an entitlement issues too ..too many in our area living off the system that don't need too. plus parents don't seem to care enough about their kids. no fathers around, or breaking up over being bored etc. 

    I have had to explain a lot more about life then I expected for dd age (9) explaining the actions of her friends parents. 

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  • Tue, Jun 12 2012 5:25 PM In reply to

    Re: Parent and Child

    Many people these days are so self-absorbed that children are merely an unfortunate consequence of their lifestyle.  I heard someone quote that 'The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother'.  It still works...Liz.

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