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Genealogy Search

Last post Thu, May 27 2010 7:30 PM by cheapChic. 2 replies.
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  • Thu, May 27 2010 4:44 PM

    • Toni B.
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    Genealogy Search

    There was a variety of responses to the thread about Hanging on to the Past in regards to items passed down to other family members. Some people were sentimental about objects and their reminders and others were detached. So it got me thinking about another aspect and that is Genealogy searches. Have you done them or participated in one? How much did it cost? How much would you spend to discover the past? Would you rather not know your family history? Does it really matter?
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  • Thu, May 27 2010 6:59 PM In reply to

    • Gigi
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    Re: Genealogy Search

    I do not understand why people are so interested in genealogy searches save those who do it for religious purposes. My father in law has been obsessed with this for most of his life. He has spent a good amount of money for death certificates and the like. I find the reason for his hobby rather shallow, but there are many who seem to enjoy this venture. Some of my genealogy will be lost to time, others however, I know. I have some decent, general knowledge about family back to two sets of great grandparents and one sentence long piece of information about a great great grandfather. Some feel it important to be attached to some historical figure. While I find the information amusing, I am not inclined to do this type of research. Unknowingly, people are being concerned about ancestors who could be rather "shady." It probably wouldn't phase them one way or another.  

    I did have an amusing experience concerning "Genealogy." I was in the office of a new principal, and noticed on the wall a diploma in a last name that was different from hers. It was a different spelling, but the same last name as my mother' maiden name. She told me that it was her married name, and that she was told that they were horse thieves and came to America. I was rather shocked, because that was the story that my mother was told! I still giggle over it. They probably were!!

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  • Thu, May 27 2010 7:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Genealogy Search

    For me if I was adopted ok I can see it me not interested but I think its good for medical stuff like for a rare blood thing or sometype of gene inherited to what that would be good too, maybe if I was more interested like my father in law of my x he is nuts about it and again makes a great hobby.

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