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Last post Wed, Oct 3 2007 11:37 AM by Edey. 75 replies.
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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 11:47 AM

    • Pat
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    Ok, I got permission to give you all a preview of what will be in next week's Dollar Stretcher. This is one of those ethical quandaries that might spark a little flame here and there, but let's please keep it to a minimum!  Big Smile

    Michael Webb says, "Too many deadbeats are riding the coattails of the men and women who make our country go, and we are letting them. It's time to put our collective foot down."

    Are his definition and your definition of "deadbeats" the same? What do you think about all of this?

    Oh, yeah... a link to the article:


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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 12:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Deadbeats

    I agree! There has always been deadbeats but now there are too many!  It takes away from the people who honestly need the help they get.  It works at all levels. Here we have a big problem with judges letting people off. The police do all the work and arrest someone with 50 break and enter  (and those are only the ones that they were caught on) and then the judges let them off with a warning. Since they removed the young offenders act, it is all gone to hell in handbasket with the under 18's because they can't get in as much trouble and of course those parents just whine instead of doing their jobs.  I am not picking on lower income because a lot of bad behaviour comes from the rich side of town.  Unfortunately I have an old fashioned mind set. My parents were at home at night and I wasn't allowed to stay out to all hours just because! Not that I didn't get into my share of mischief but that is normal.   Most parents are not doing right by their children and I feel sorry for them. To many teenagers/young adults don't want to help out at home with grandma etc. Now it doesn't snow much here but if there was an elderly person on the block without someone to help, we were out helping. My parents would have killed us if we didn't!  My husband helps our neighbour all the time. I can if I don't have the kids.  I am not against teenagers. There is lots of wonderful ones and the ones who aren't that great,you don't have to look far.  My dh is very easygoing but is starting to see why I don't want certain people around anymore since we have kids.  and why he turned out to be a great guy!

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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 12:34 PM In reply to

    • Juardo
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    Re: Deadbeats

    We all know that there are individuals out there that know how to work the system, but there are also other people who truly need the assistance. I do not begrudge anyone a helping hand, but when the helping hand continues thru several generations of the same family or where economic improvement is attainable but does not happen, I would consider that to be a problem. While it is hard to know who is truly a "deadbeat" and who is truly needy without all the particulars, it is obvious that there are people out there who just want to take and take. When I worked retail in the mall, I would see the same teenage girls walking the mall with young babies and toddlers in tow. I worked there for several years and I saw several girls go thru multiple pregnancies in that length of time. They were not married and did not appear to be employed or in school. A couple admitted to being on state aid. To me that is a problem. They needed to be in school, learning a trade etc. Where are they now? I can only guess. I think that aid in most circumstances should be time sensitive with a goal for the recipient to be self sufficient. But unless a person knows all the facts it is hard to say who really is a deadbeat.

  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 1:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Deadbeats

    On this subject, I jsut want to point out another definition of "deadbeats,"  which is what the credit card companies call those of us who pay off their entire bill monthly.  The companies can't charge interest that way, so consider us "deadbeats"!

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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 1:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Deadbeats

     We are also probably deadbeats, in that we don't pay much in terms of federal tax.  We have a big family.  We also pay a lot of our own educational costs. In that way we are not. 

    Is this a situation where we are all deadbeats in certain terms, and not in others?  Just as we are all frugal in some areas and not others?

    The aspect that caught my eye was that lawsuits are now actually changing events. I will look at that article further today.


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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 1:24 PM In reply to

    • Gigi
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    Re: Deadbeats

     It is very difficult to make a change any system.

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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 1:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Deadbeats

    Oh my. There are alot of good points being made. I agree with the article and also get upset over parents who sue fast food because they or their children are fat. Here's my tip- don't eat there.


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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 1:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Deadbeats


    Do you think there are ways to make schools run better?  I was appalled when I went to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and had several visits with teachers to see how worn out they were with the system, and subsequently how unprofessional the attitude at times seemed to be.  I know you really have to like kids to walk in their everyday, this is not an easy job, or a tenure track riding job- to show up is to show you are really interested.  The salaries rival lots of jobs in the private sector, I don't think teachers make low pay.  What else can be done?  

    When I lived in Milwaukee, they had a system where kids could go where they want and the money would follow- in some ways, I think the days of public education meeting the needs of everyone are long past.  

    What do others think?


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  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 4:01 PM In reply to

    • Amy B
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    • Chicagoland
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    Re: Deadbeats

    I think this article is right on in many ways.  I'm so terribly tired of that inflated sense of entitlement that has become many people's basis for behavior.  I like how he suggested voting and volunteering as ways we can positively affect change in our youth.

    For a lot of us, if something is morally amibiguous, we just don't "feel right" about it and we don't do it.  The longer I've lived, however, the more I've realized that many people just don't have that inner voice.  They will take you for all you've got, and they just don't feel badly about it at all.  They are called sociopaths, and most of them aren't serial killers, they are just human beings who feel absolutely no empathy.  Unfortunately for us, a lot of these people are all over the media.  How about Michael Vicks and the dogs he killed? Paris Hilton and her DUIs?  Britney Spears and her poor kids?  These are the people our kids want to emulate.  So, it's no wonder to me that our deadbeat population is steadily rising. 

    Chicagoland Chic
  • Tue, Sep 4 2007 4:52 PM In reply to

    • Jim
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    Re: Deadbeats

     I wish that the credentials/agenda would be at the beginning of the article so that we know from the start we're dealing with someone who is peddling a book.

    And what are his sources for the almost $10,000 figure? 

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The Dollar Stretcher has a new community!

Feel free to read the great frugal living tips, ideas and discussions readers and community members have posted here. But if you'd like to post something or start a discussion, please click here to go over to our new community site and create an account.

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