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What do you drink all day?

Last post Sat, Jul 18 2009 12:28 PM by eyrehead. 19 replies.
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  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 11:15 AM

    What do you drink all day?

    Dear All, Since DMC posted on Daillly General yesteerday how she wanted to make green tea in her coffee-maker, it made me think that it might be fun to discuss what we drink.

    I have a Brita pitcher taht I keep on teh countezr.  I have a big beer-mug type glass, in which I have 2 slices of lemon (I need aid in slicing; Josie sliced 2 lemons for me yesterday) & water from the Brita.  EDIT:  I forgot to say that I keep the mug in the fridge.

    In the morning, I have 3 cups of instant coffee -- or 2 cups of brewed, which is stronger. 

    I then set up a teapot of green tea, which I sip from all morning.  I use a plain Whole Foods generic green teabag in the AM generally, but treat myself with Tazo Green Ginger or Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Green tea from time to time.  (The teapot was a gift from an anonymous Forumite; thanks again!) 

    In teh afternoon, I make mint tea generally, sometimes anotehr flavored tea like Tazo Passion or any brand of Apple Cinnamon.  In the summer, I ice all of that afternoon tea (I have a 16-oz thermalll glass.  I put in 8 ice cubes + the brewed tea, drink half, put in the remaining 4 ice cubes & mosst of the rest of the tea, & finish off with the rest of the tea.  (My teapot brews 16 oz.)

    When someone treats me, especially in the Winter, I love hot chocolate.  Otherwise, I order iced tea.

    Yours in Him, Deb

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    Yours in thrift, Deborah

  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 11:27 AM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    Coffee first thing in the morning!  Have to have at least one cup before I can focus.  The max I drink is 2 cups though or I will get jittery.  Right now with the baby, I keep it to one.

    Water throughout the day except with meals, I too like putting either lemon, lime or even cucumber slices in my water.  I drink lemonade usually, but occasionally really crave a soda.  I keep a few cans for the fizz cravings.  I love to eat ice too.  In the evenings (when not pregnant) I enjoy a glass of wine with DH.

    When the weather is cool or rainy, I love a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the afternoon.  But never in the summer as it is just too hot here!  It's almost too hot for my morning coffee sometimes!

  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 11:28 AM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    Some mornings, I'll have a Coke on the way to work.

    But, most of the time, I drink Sweet Tea. I love sweet tea - typical southern girl. I wish I liked to drink water but it's something that I have to make myself do. So, sweet tea is a compromise for me. I still put sugar but have decreased the amount.

    Have a blessed day,


  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 11:36 AM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    We have a Brita pitcher I keep in the fridge, since doing that I do drink more water than I used to.  Still need to drink more though.  I like making a big pitcher of iced tea and keep it in the fridge.  Diet Rite and Cherry Coke Zero are my weaknesses for soda.  I've also been buying those "straws" from the dollar store in various flavors.  I feel they are somewhat better, defintely cheaper, than soda.

    Heather in CA
  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 11:58 AM In reply to

    • gayla50
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    Re: What do you drink all day?

    I start my day with a cup of tea  about 9 am  I start drinking water and sweet tea ...



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  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 12:13 PM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    I start my day with a glass of water and then move on to coffee. I keep a big insulated cup of iced water at my desk all day and just drink mostly water. I may have a flavored drink (crystal light/store brand) like lemonade in the afternoon or maybe a diet soda. But I mostly drink water. In the winter, I love hot tea and usually have a mug or two before bed (chamomille or other non-caff herbal).

  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 12:32 PM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?


  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 12:47 PM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    During the week, mornings start out with Diet Mountain Dew. The coffee in the office tastes like dish water. After that it's usually water, unless I'm on an "I need more pop" kick or my coworker (enabler) or I have a BOGO cap. Dinner is another can of pop. If I use the treadmill after dinner, I follow it up with a glass of water.

    On the weekends, mornings start off with home-brewed Starbucks coffee. After that it's usually pop. I don't currently have any iced tea made and I hate hot tea. Sometimes I'll drink Crystal Light lemonade (bought with coupon at Costco and cheaper than store brand). If I'm on the treadmill, again it's followed up with a glass of water. I tend to wake up headachy on the weekends, so caffeine is much-needed.


  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 1:06 PM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    During the week I drink somewhat diffrently than on the weekend. When I wake up I get a cup of coffee and nurse it till my brain begins to work (1/2 hr - 2 hours). After Ifinish my workout it's 1 qt of water with 1 scoop of whey protien mixed in to help both replenish what I've sweated out and help lose weight. After that it's drinking 3 more qts of water through out the day.

    On the weekend I skip the whey protien and at least 1 other qt of water, if I'm in the mood for it I'll indulge in something with calories; chocolate milk, milk shake, soda, kool aid or tea. I know they're bad for me but if I wait till the weekend I'm not doing as much damage to myself than if I drink like that all week long.

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  • Wed, Jul 15 2009 1:45 PM In reply to

    Re: What do you drink all day?

    Mostly water at work, but sometimes a Dt. Coke or Pepsi if I feel I need caffine.  Either water or Mt. Dew at home.  Sometimes DH makes sweet tea.  If we go out to eat, water, Sweet Tea, Dt. Coke, or Pepsi, depending on my mood.

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