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Teacher Gifts

Last post Tue, May 19 2009 12:02 PM by whitney37354. 15 replies.
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  • Fri, May 15 2009 11:00 AM

    Teacher Gifts

    For those that are doing end of year appreciation gifts for your kids' teachers, what are you planning??

    I'm trying to think ahead and be a bit creative.  DS has 5 teachers to recognize . . . 1 teacher, 2 aides, 2 speech therapists.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

  • Fri, May 15 2009 11:22 AM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    I try to do things that can be used up or eaten... consumables.  I've done notepads with the teacher's name on them, baked goodies, gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts so they can get coffee and whatnot in the morning.  A gift of 3 or 4 pretty cupcakes is one of my favorites.
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  • Fri, May 15 2009 12:33 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    $5 starbucks gift cards are popular here. I like the idea of notepads!

  • Fri, May 15 2009 1:21 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    Picture frames can be found at the dollar store, at Christmas time I bought a string of 6 small (3x5) frames for $1 that the teachers loved.

    Maybe something for them at home like bubble bath or something like that.

    A scrap book that they can use for either thier classroom or home.

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  • Fri, May 15 2009 4:22 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    Maybe something for them at home like bubble bath or something like that.

    Make sure the teacher is not allergic to any fragrances you put into it, though.

    When I taught preschool, many children gave me Christmas gifts. I enjoyed the consumables more than the knick-knacks.


  • Fri, May 15 2009 4:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    As a teacher, there are two things I really enjoy getting:  personal notes from the kids, and things for the classroom (pencils, art supplies, tissues - consumables of those types).   I have way too many knickknacks - and as much as I enjoy them, I put very few out at a time, because it takes so long to dust them.  But I keep a file of letters from the kids, and take them out to look at when I need a little boost.  Consumables for the classroom help all the kids as well as me.
  • Fri, May 15 2009 9:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    Great ideas!

    In the past I have done gift cards-Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, etc.  I also did plants one year-DS helped me pot small gerber daisy plants in pots for end of year gifts.  They were really pretty but later I thought maybe they were cumbersome for the teachers to transport home!  Hadn't thought of that part.  They looked really cute though and DS was proud that he had helped put them together for the teachers.

    I have trouble with teacher gifts . . .  Don't know if it's just my area but it seems like what used to be a simple little gift of thanks is now a bit out of control.  The presents that a lot of the kids bring is just too much-WAY beyond my budget and then I worry that maybe I'm not doing enough with my $5 ice cream gift card!  At Christmas, many kids gave the teachers things like restaurant gift cards for $25-$50, expensive candy from a local chocolate boutique, large expensive gift baskets from a specialty store, etc.  I try to spend $10 on the main teacher and $5 or so on the assistants.  Seems that others spend more like $20 on the assistants and $30+ on the main teacher!

    Then I was shocked at Valentine's Day-both this year and last-when quite a few of the kids brought presents for the teachers.  Not just a valentine but actual wrapped gifts.  And a couple brought gifts for their birthdays too!

    Not that I don't appreciate everything that the teachers do for DS.  I really do!  They are wonderful, great teachers with wonderful hearts.  But for me, it just seems like teacher gifts should be more simple, and maybe even something that involves the kids, not so expensive.  How do people afford to do that when they have multiple kids in school and so many people to recognize-teachers, aides, coaches, etc.  Yikes!

  • Fri, May 15 2009 10:09 PM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    One caution about plants or planters from experience. Years ago when I was finishing a long-term subbing position the regular teacher gave me a thank you gift from herself and the class. It was a lovely hanging planter. The problem was that she did not know I lived on the 7th floor of a high rise apartment building which had no balconies. I had no choice but give the planter to my mother so it never was enjoyed by me. Moral of the story...be sure you know if the recipient can keep and maintain the plants.

  • Sat, May 16 2009 12:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Teacher Gifts

    If it's a small school, or even just a small grade level, you can also ask about doing lunch for the teachers.  I did this at DD's preschool where there are just 16 teachers, including the school director.  I made 2 pans of baked ziti, a simple salad, and sliced a loaf of french bread and toasted with garlic butter.  It was a big hit and cost me about $20.  $20 to feed 16 people is not too shabby IMHO.  They loved it and it was nice way to express thanks.

    I understand this isn't always possible, especially if it's a very large group.  Also my DD's school is at a church where there's a kitchen and I used stoneware so it stayed heated for a long time after coming out of the oven.  But maybe you could morph this to fit in what resources you do have....  A cold lunch of homemade chicken salad scooped onto a bed of lettuce, some crackers on the side, and a yummy dessert would require no oven, just ice and a cooler.

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  • Sat, May 16 2009 3:08 AM In reply to

    • Mimi
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    Re: Teacher Gifts

    As a former teacher, I have to agree that big or small, the most valuable part of a token of appreciation is the note.  I liked both notes from the kids and from the parents that included what they learned from being in my class, favorite memories, etc.  If you can include a picture of the child with it that would make it even more special.

    I enjoyed getting cookies, pumpkin bread, coffee, etc. Your kids might know that Mr. Smith LOVES Jelly Beans or rhubard pie, etc. so be sure to ask if they know of something he or she especially likes.

    If they have a very limited classroom budget and most of their supplies have to come out of their own pocket, even a small gift certificate to a teacher supply store would be a huge blessing.

    If you have those 10 minute chair massage places near you and they're open when the teacher could use it, a gift certificate to that would be wonderful.  They might have gone up, but they used to be $10 for ten minutes here.

    This is easier well in advance, but if you're handy, you might ask the teacher if there is anything that you could make for the classroom in appreciation for his/her hard work.  This could be anything from fabric supply organizers to math manipulatives to puppets to really nice bulletin board sets.  (You'd be surprised how long it takes to cut out and put together a single large bulletin board, especially in the early elementary grades when the kids can't help that much and the boards are expected to especially amazing. The premade ones at the teacher supply stores are ridiculously expensive.  My first year, when I had nothing made from previous years, I had five that I had to change every month according to school policy.)

    The vast majority of teachers enjoy books (or they would have chosen a different career) so a gift certificate to a bookstore or Amazon is usually appreciated.  One to Barnes & Noble or Borders can also be used toward coffee or CDs.

    I hope I'm not rambling too much.  I've been staying up for the tornadoes and I'm quite sleepy.  I hope this makes sense and helps some!

    "...for the happy heart, life is a continual feast. Better to have little, with fear for the Lord, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil." Proverbs 15:15b-16 NLT

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