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March 2010 - Posts

  • Please stop asking me if I've found a job yet.

    Dear friends with secure jobs,

    Yes, I have been looking for a job for a while now. You may be aware that we are in the middle of a severe economic crisis. You may have heard that there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applicants for every job opening. Would you PLEASE stop asking me if I have found a job yet? When I find a job, believe me, I will tell you. You're my friends. I will share this happy news as soon as it comes in. 

    In the meantime, every time you say to me (with great concern and seriousness in your voices): "So, did you find a job yet?" or "Any job news?" or "How's the job search going?" It is a bitter reminder of the fact that, no, I haven't found a job yet. Don't think that I forget it for one second. It's always on my mind. But your asking about it is embarassing and makes me feel like a big failure. So please stop.

    If you, dear friend, had mentioned to me that you were trying to lose some weight, and I started every conversation with a question like, "So, did you lose any weight yet?" or "Any weight loss?" or "How's the diet going?" I bet you wouldn't like that very much. And just think, to the outside observer, weight loss is all in your hands -- just eat less and exercise more. But finding a job is a lot harder. I can't just say, "Hey, hire me" It's out of my hands.

    So, please, dear friends, stop asking. When I find a job, I will share my good news with you. And if you're trying to lose weight, then when you've reached your target weight, you can share your good news with me.

    -- Your out of work friend.

     I've written this because I haven't yet had the courage to say the words to my friends who keep inquiring about my job search status. It feels good to write it.... Maybe I'll just send them the link!

  • Earth hour on March 27. Will you turn off?

     Earth Hour is from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM (wherever you are) on Friday, March 27th. Here's the website: Earth Hour The idea is for everyone on earth to turn off all their lights for one hour to give the poor old earth (and us over-electrified humans) a little rest. 

    I plan to do it (unless I forget). I'll be getting home around 8:00 PM, and my plan is to turn off my outside and inside lights and just sit in the dark for an hour. If I stay awake :), I'll turn the outside ones back on and then hit the bed.

    Are any other dollar stretchers participating?

  • Upside of downtime

    I've been underemployed for quite a while now. I'm going to start a full-time job (teaching) in September -- and it will be a shock to my system after all this free time. I'm making just enough to get by in this interim period, and kind of at loose ends about what to do with myself. I don't like being idle for more than a day or so. One day I was looking around the house and noticed that there were a lot of little (and two) big projects that I had left undone. So I made a big list of projects costing $40 or less (the cost of a gallon of paint), and have been making my way through them.

     I know I'm not going want to spend a week sanding and scraping and painting once I'm working, but right now, it's a great way to keep busy. I didn't realize how many unfinished projects I had until I took pen and paper in hand and walked around the house. Besides painting, I've got drapes to hem, little peeling patches of wallpaper that need to get glued backed down, nail holes to be filled, brass to be polished, and windows to be washed. Right now, I'm working on a MAJOR paint removal project (12+ coats, 100+ years old) from beadboard. I'm using a heat gun, sander, and chemical stipper (all of which I had, so the only cost is the electricity); this is going to take a few weeks. I hope to finish all my little projects before I head back to the world of work.

     I know a lot of people who are working a lot less than they used to -- I wonder what else people are doing to fill their free time. Reading? Volunteering? Exercising? What's the upside to your downtime?

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