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About Yankee 2.0

 Yankee 2.0 is my blog about trying to reclaim my thrifty Yankee roots in modern society. I am a native New Englander and grew up with parents and grandparents who saved things, fixed what was broken, and made do on what they had. My grandfather built his house in the New England woods (and built his own generator) and they had their own garden and even a goat for milk (I hate goat's milk, though). I always wore hand-me-downs and we shopped second-hand for most items. Going to the flea market with my uncle was constant of growing up.

I started working when I was in high school, and was on a good road towards frugality and thrift. Then I went away to college and was offered a credit card. I accepted that offer, and my financial situation has been perilous ever since. (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but quick and easy credit put me on the path to long-term debt).

I am 39 now, and am trying to get back to being a thrifty yankee. I am working on paying off all my unsubsidized debt, and will then turn to my mortgage. I hope to be living on a cash-only basis by the time I'm 55. I don't buy much new, grow what food I can (I am a vegetarian, but I live downtown, so I can only grow so much), I fix what's broken, rather than buying something new, and I make whatever i can by myself.

I don't earn that much -- I'm an adjunct professor at a community college and I have started my own training business, but other than debt my needs are pretty small. Well, other than debt and renovating (and heating) my big Victorian townhouse (built with no insulation and heated with oil....).

So here I'll share my journey to live comfortably but frugally. 

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