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January 2010 - Posts - What You Really Need To Know About Your Food
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What You Really Need To Know About Your Food

January 2010 - Posts

  • Update for the new year!


    Now, I've spent a lot of time talking about how much I've learned from SBI,
    but I wanted to give you a few thoughts from the past few months.

    First of all, happy new year to everyone! It's pretty cool that we're in
    2010. I can remember thinking as a kid that this year we would be flying
    cars instead of driving them on roads, traveling to the moon for vacations,
    things like that. Oh well, not happening as of now, but who knows!
    OK - enough nostalgia.  
    I will be honest, I haven't been working on the site too much.  I had
    surgery on my knee (planned out) in December and the holidays are always
    stressful, so I didn't get a lot of work done on it.

    So, here I sit with not a LOT of new things to talk about. But I have come
    across some things that if you're thinking of building a SBI website, you
    should know.

    1 - Choose your topic well. Here's the deal - I won this because I pitched
    an idea to the contest. When I was in the middle of the training, I
    realized that the topic I picked wasn't going to be THAT profitable. Food
    Safety as a topic isn't news unless things go bad - kind of like the weather
    in San Diego - unless it's bad, you don't worry about it. I went ahead and
    build the site the way I committed to when I won, even though there might
    have been some better ideas.

    As of right now, my incoming traffic from search engines has topped out
    around 50 unique visitors per day. Not huge numbers that I was hoping. For
    the most part, I'm hitting in the top sites when you do a search. For
    instance, from Google.com, type in "food safety history" and you'll usually
    find me somewhere between website #4 and #8. That means that the search
    engines like my site for certain key words, which is the point of SBI.
    However, how many people are really looking for Food Safety History? Not
    that many. So, if you ever decide to do an SBI site, make sure that you go
    through all your homework when you build your site - SBI tells you if it
    should be a good business money maker or not. However, if you choose a
    topic that works and follow what SBI tells you, you WILL be successful.

    2 - Don't be afraid to try. When I went through the class, there were 8 of
    us in the group that got started. A few of us had experience with the web
    and with web marketing or web page design, but most didn't. Of the 8, only
    myself and one other individual got a web site up and running. The others
    either dropped out of the class or completed the class and didn't do
    anything since then! I would point you to some of their sites, but that
    would just be mean. However, to be nice, I will point you to the other
    site that is still being built: www.ask-how-to-grow-it.com. I just checked
    it out and they are still working on it.

    I say "don't be afraid to try" because even if you think you're doing
    something that someone else is going do also, chances are, they won't
    finish! Most people don't finish what they start! New Year's resolutions,
    diets, etc fail all the time. Don't give up!

    Even though I've had difficulty with my site and it's not performing like I
    want it to right now, I'm impressed that I build a 80+ page site, and I've
    learned HOW to do it! Which is going to help me with my new project that
    I'm starting to work on right now - a business to business food safety
    training site. I'm not giving up on www.food-safety-and-you.com by any
    means - I'm just going to step ahead and make another site.

    To everyone - hope you have a happy, prosperous new year.
    I'll let you know when I get back to my original web site!


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