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Wrapping up the month… - What You Really Need To Know About Your Food
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What You Really Need To Know About Your Food

Wrapping up the month…

To be honest, I kind of lost momentum on the web site (www.Food-Safety-and-You.com for anyone who doesn’t know)…Between my “real job” being a pretty busy wrapping up the quarter, and then my desktop computer crashing (thankfully, Carbonite came to the rescue) I lost my momentum on the web site. But I got started again this week. My web site was up for a full month! The class ended the beginning of the month, so I was going to be interested in seeing how traffic numbers ended up.  For those who don’t know, “traffic” is the amount of times people visit your web page. The more people who visit your pages, the more chances you have to become one of the top web sites, and, depending on your web site, might be more money that you make on the site. For September, I averaged 24 visits a day according to the SBI numbers; according to Google, it was more like 28 average visitors per day. Not really sure what to expect, but according to all the training we had, an average of 20 shouldn’t be expected until the third or fourth month of business. So, I guess that’s petty good. What I’m working on is refining some of the pages and starting to work on making some money on the site. My plan is to use the site to sell some creative food safety gifts through Zazzle.com and then do work with Google to put up some marketing on some of the pages. I’m also hoping to do a couple more things down the road, but we’ll see. This will be a business, after all, trying to get some money after all is said and done. I was explaining it to someone about how SBI works, and he stated that he would love to build a web site, but he just didn’t think he could. The thing about SBI… as long as you commit to doing it the way they want you to, you can create a site. It is a lot of work, but it can pay off! SBI does a lot of the marketing and training for you – you can make it as simple as you want, or as complex as you want, but you CAN make a profitable web site if you really commit to it! “OK, enough already” I’m hearing… “SBI is great”… Trust me, it’s a lot of work, but if you’re thinking of creating a second stream of income, and don’t have time to get a second job, this could be a great answer!


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