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And Class Is Over… But The Fun Is Still Going... - What You Really Need To Know About Your Food
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What You Really Need To Know About Your Food

And Class Is Over… But The Fun Is Still Going...

It’s been a fast ten weeks  - it’s been absolutely an incredible experience working on www.Food-Safety-and-You.com.  I have spent a lot of time on this blog talking about how SBI works and what I’ve done…  and I’m going to continue to do so!

Our last class was last week.  Looking back over the last few weeks, it’s been an interesting ride. 

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do when I first learned I was going to be participating in this SBI, so I had written a lot of ideas and thought I knew how this was going to work.  I was shocked right off the bat to learn that we didn’t even register a domain name until four or five weeks into the class! 

But the first few weeks turned out to be a great learning experience – Site Build It taught you HOW the internet works and helped you realize how to take an idea (your topic for your website) and determine if it’s going to be a profitable topic.  The SBI tools and training show you how to analyize what you’re thinking of doing.  This is the first time I ran into problems – my topic, food safety for the public, hit a roadblock.  The SBI tools were saying that there was a TON of demand for a small part of the topic, but it looked like it wouldn’t be the best topic.  So I had a decision to make – do stick with what I wanted to do, or do I change my topic – since I won the SBI scholarship based on the idea of food safety, I stuck with it.  I’m not upset with my decision – even though I bucked the system.  And I’m glad I did – I’m getting good results as I’m putting this together.

The next steps were to focus on building the site.  I had a lot of ideas already in drafts and some good help getting the text edited, so for me it was learning how to build a website.  Before I started this, I didn’t know how to do anything in HTML.  Now, I know how to program codes, links, and pictures for web pages.  But here’s the beautiful thing – you don’t need to learn that!  In fact, my instructor didn’t really even get as much into learning HTML as I did!  Yet, he’s got 5 different SBI sites out there! 

If you are thinking about doing a side business, and have the disciple to do a web page on your own (and it is a lot of work, but if done right, it does pay off), then you want to check out SBI.  Anything that you know a lot about can become a web site.  Transferring your knowledge from your hobbies, professional life, experiences, travels, or anything else that you are interested in can turn out to be a very profitable business. 

As of 10 weeks or so later, I’m up to about 40 pages built on my site: www.Food-Safety-and-You.com.  I’m getting about 30 people a day visiting my site and most of them are finding my site on Google through a search. 

If you want to learn more or have specific questions, please comment here. 

I’m going to keep updating the blog every few weeks to let people know how it’s going!


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