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June 2009 - Posts - What You Really Need To Know About Your Food
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What You Really Need To Know About Your Food

June 2009 - Posts

  • Hello! This is going to be interesting and fun!

    So, I'm going to use this blog to let people know how it goes with SBI and how my site comes together...  I'll also discuss my topic along the way - feedback will be appreciated!

    A little bit about me... I live in Littleton, CO, a suburb of Denver.  I'm married and have three girls, ages 8, 5, and 3.  When I was looking at creating a web site income, my goal was to come up with a long term business web site that could generate income to help get them through college.

    My "full time" job is as a food safety educator/consultant.  I work with a national company that consults with hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants in all 50 states and Canada for food safety.  I spend my days working with clients who are serious about improving or maintaining a level of safe food handling to keep their customers and business safe.  

    I have a background similar to that of a health department inspector, but I also have a culinary degree and ran restaurants for a few years, including being a chef and general manager.  So I also have an insider's perspective into working with the restaurant business.

    The focus of the web site that I'm going to be working with SBI on is to educate the average consumer about what they should be looking for from the locations that they frequent - their own grocery store, restaurant or hotel.  My goal will to be to educate the average person about what are serious signs of food mishandling and problems and what are not.  

    If you go on line, you will see a lot of business to business training for the food service industry, and you will also see a lot of home food safety (which I'm planning on touching on), but there is very little education on what the consumer ACTUALLY needs to look for.  Hence the name of this blog: What You Really Need To Know About Your Food

    So, anyway, enough about what I'm thinking - I'll keep this blog updated on how the SBI site comes along... I hope you all will check out the web site when I get it going.  

    Right now, I have registered for the next 12 course that SBI offers and my first class is July 1st... in the meantime, I'm kind of organizing all the thoughts that I've had in the past about what I was going to do if I have the chance to work with SBI.  I basically just created a file in my computer where I can put ideas and thoughts, no matter how random, where I can start to organize myself.  

    So, I'll update this down the road!  

    Thanks to Dollar Stretcher and Gary for giving me this opportunity!


    Matt Lichlyter


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