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A woman who started her own business

  I was walking through our very large local grocery store. Many people were shopping. As I pushed my cart up and down the walkways, I spotted several women displaying different food products. They were positioned at small tables in the middle of the largest aisle.  

One lady was setting up jars of jam, and offering shoppers samples of the product. Appearing very efficient, she explained the jam was made with fruit and a small amount of jalapeno pepper. Visitors were given a choice of mild, medium, or hot jam on crackers. I chose mild, brought the sample to my mouth, and swallowed. 

Suddenly I started coughing. I decided to stay near the table for a few minutes while recovering. The woman gave me a small amount of sour cream and suggested I put some in my mouth. “It always helps when people start coughing.” she said. It took a few minutes but the coughing gradually stopped. 

No other shoppers were at the table. I asked who made the jam. She responded saying “I created the jam” and proceeded to tell me the contents. 

Our conversation shifted on to other topics. She shared a bit of her history.  

A few years ago, she lost her job and found it difficult to find another. She had been processing jam for twenty-fife years and wondered whether she could do anything with that talent. 

Finding information about jam was imperative and time was spent scouring the computer for information. As days went by she found herself on the computer up to sixteen hours.. More time was spent studying processing, passing government requirements, and finding an appropriate kitchen. After a while, she passed the government statutes, and got off the ground.  

Next, she looked for places to sell her jam. 

The big box grocery stores were the first target. Those approached had no interest in taking on a fledgling jam producer. 

Much smaller stores provided people who would listen.  

Gradually, stores began selling her jam. 

She continued learning and making a better item. 

Since that time, our supplier has learned and improved her product.  

Instead of sitting at home watching television and wringing her hands, she has spent her time working to build her business and to improve her life. 

Before I left the table, I told her I was proud of her. 

What would do if you suddenly lost your job?  

Do you have talents waiting? Would you have the energy and drive to start a new career? 

I hope this does not happen to you. But, it does happen to many people. Those who have talents, thoughts, incentive, may be able to create a new business. 

If you have faced this I invite you to write a comment. Maybe this will help another person facing this.  

Lori Blatzheim 


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