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What I learned, participating in an Indoor Garage Sale.


Have you ever heard of an Indoor Garage Sale?..... Neither have I.


It took a while to warm up to the idea but, after considering the concept, I decided to participate in one planned for our community.


Our local Recreation Center advertised through the local newspaper, cable television, internet e-mails, and street signs. Garage sale information and a map were also made available.



My husband got wind of the idea. He had been discussing the large amount of non-used material residing in our basement, and what could we do with it all. We made a visit to the lower level of our home and realized the indoor sale might be a way to send items to a different home.



I decided to phone the Rec. Center and sign up for a table at the upcoming sale. This resulted in a new status. I was now a Vendor for the upcoming event.



O.K. so what is an Indoor Garage Sale? And, what on earth does a person with that title do?


The representative from the Rec. Center sent potential Vendors well written information on what was expected from us. Here are some of the topics they presented:


Vendors would be allowed to set up on either Saturday, from 6-8 pm or on Sunday, at 10 am.


The sale was to begin at 11:00am sharp!




There were Rules. These stated:


·  Exhibitors will receive one 6 foot table and a chair to display items

·  Tables will be labeled with your name and number

·  Doors will open to the public at 11am.

·  The sale runs from 11am-2pm.

·  Vendors are responsible for their own monies and change

·  No alcohol, illegal items or weaponry is allowed on site

·  Vendors are required to remove all unsold items at the end of the sale

·  Vendors have until 3:30pm on Sunday to remove their items



We were assured that, in case there were items not sold; Goodwill would pick up any unwanted merchandise at 3:15pm on Sunday. There was to be a location designated for donations.



Where to start when you have less than a week to gather items you no longer want or use?



I must confess to never having been a Vendor in the past. Questions ran through my mind. Here are examples:


·        How would I get the items into the building and where was the room?

·        Would other Vendors help?

·        Would I be able to place everything on the table?

·        How much and in what denominations of coins and paper money, should I bring?


It turned out that my husband was available and took a lot of time helping me. He also selected items to sell, organized and placed the objects. He came up with great ways to carry the items into the Rec.Center and to take them home again.


We had one very unusual item, a large box of greeting cards. These had been given to us by a friend who knew they could be used to make holiday cards. The card backs had been removed but the box was filled. I wanted to know if anyone would take cards for future use. I was hoping they would offer some of these for art projects.


I had opportunities to meet with other Vendors before and during the garage sale. Several had never tried selling at this type of sale. Others, more confident, were helpful with information. All were very receptive.


What surprised us:


·        Most shoppers looked at my display,

·        Customers met and spoke with me.

·        Each asked the price.

·        All wanted a lower price.

·        All bargained.

·        Some wanted to take a portion of an item.



I did sell a small number of things. These included:


·        A wall mirror

·        A small picture

·        A large coffee holder

·        Leather gloves


Unfortunately, no one wanted any of the cards.


Thinking they could be recycled, I offered them freely to everyone at my table. They could be used by children making art projects, but no one would take them.


Would I do this again? I’m not sure. It was a good experience and I learned a lot. Ask me next year.


Best wishes to all of you who participate in yard, garage, and estate sales. You are helping the recycling effort.



Lori Blatzheim


Lori Blatzheim is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, thrift advocate, cable television producer, and retired nurse. She knows that use of Thrift can help people because she has experienced the benefits.















whitney37354 said:

You can use the fronts of those holiday cards as gift tags.  I've been doing that with Christmas cards for years.

April 3, 2014 11:10 AM

Lori Blatzheim said:

Thank you for your comment.

I think the card fronts are interesting and often very beautiful.

Lori Blatzheim

April 3, 2014 5:49 PM

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